Sunday, February 14, 2016

APP- Breaking Lakewood bussing deal in the works reports a potential deal is on the table to avoid the courtesy busing cancellation. According to the report "No agreement has been reached yet. It would require the Township Committee to provide the school district with $2.5 million in surplus funds - $1.5 million above its previous commitment. 
“It’s something we are considering,” Township Committeeman Meir Lichtenstein confirmed Sunday. The proposed terms raise a host of questions about why taxpayers were asked to pay $6.2 million to accomplish the same end. In public presentations and in the wording of the referendum itself, the figure was cited as the amount needed to cover courtesy busing costs for the balance of the school year. Read more HERE at


  1. It's a farce, the public votes down a referendum to raise taxes and the township gives away our tax $ for busing. So our taxes keep on going up. Why isn't our committee members listening to the vote?

  2. i totally agree. Why does the township have 2.5MM sitting around. Why did the township increase our taxes this year if they have that kind of extra money??