Sunday, January 10, 2016

Yated expands Lakewood section

Ever expanding the Yated Ne'eman added some more features and columns to its Lakewood section. A new weekly feature called "A look into Lakewood" interviews personalities, proprietors of local establishments, and services. From the Bais Horaah of lakewood there is now a weekly Halacha question Shailos Uteshuvos with the Lakewood Bais Horaah. From the LRRC a ask the LRRC feature, an informative column on topics of help to the community. 

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  1. Pinny Lipshutz the owner and editor of the Yated is moving to Lakewood in the next few Month Lipshutz is also a partner in seasons Supermarket together with Rabbi Shmuel Bloom from Torah Mesorah