Thursday, January 14, 2016

Why not use the official township website

 Mayor Miller had ordered flags throughout the township to be flown at half staff in the memory of fallen police officer Chris Matlosz. The announcement was not made on the official township website. Why not? shouldn't that be the first place where it gets posted? 
 At the reorganization meeting Mayor Miller laid out his plans for the year pledging to fix up the website and create app's and other means of media for the residents to get and share information. Now its time to back that up.


  1. The way to break it is just to cut and paste off TLS. He blocked half of this town...
    Im at the Toms River library now and its also blocked.
    BTW He reads this place like a hawk

    1. Of course he reads this site. This is where you get the real news.tls will slowly fizzle out while everybody changes over to hefkervelt

    2. Go HV!! Bye Bye TLS!

  2. I hope tls gets paid for all the favorable articles where did all the election campaign money go there were no lawn signs or bumper stickers but there were fundraisers probably..

  3. Dont you get it the poop has become the unofficial official site