Monday, January 11, 2016

Why did we vote?

Prior to an election, self appointed askanim trot out delivering scare tactics forcing the tzibbur to the polls and vote for their picked candidates. For years the issue of courtesy busing was always raised as a privilege that the tzibbur would loose if they dont vote for the Vaad backed candidates. The familiar calls are, "this is the most crucial elections in recent history" or this vote will decide the future of the kehilla. Other threats as, never has the future of the kehilla been at stake, it will effect each each and every person in Lakewood bla bla bla.. Contrary to the scare tactics the truth came out, we are at a stage of loosing courtesy busing, despite having the vaad backed candidates in office. Property taxes shot up 13% with the Vaad backed committeemen in office. This after continuous promises to lower or keep taxes down. The Tzibbur is not fools the game is up.


  1. The only person that actually cared about the taxpayer was Steve Langert and the Vaad ran him out of office because he had the guts to say no to them. We must stand up and let our voice be heard. VOTE NO!!

    1. Except when land was "sold"......

  2. The reason your blog will never be taken seriously is because you always write with a very negative slant. We have a monitor who has dictatorial powers. The readon the mobitor is here is because we have a flawed formula thst the state cant fix becaude the state of nj is broke. If you want to complain about the large cost of our special needs tuition to a special needs school ,then go ahead and complain but it has nothing to do with the vaad or igud. Most people are afraid to complain because of the tzaar if the parents so the vaad or igud arenit goibg to get involved in that hit potato issue.

  3. Everybody is recommending to vote no. No vaad or igud will tell you it makes sense to vote yes