Thursday, January 28, 2016

Township nets $4,500,000 in public land auction

Lakewood, NJ, Township municipal coffers are nearly $4,500,000 richer after the recent public auction of much coveted land in the Oak Street school corridor. The Township received buyers’ deposits totaling $450,000 for 8.22 acres of land for schools. Township officials had worked diligently with both the municipal planner and tax assessor to designate land to be auctioned solely for the purpose of educational facilities. There were over 20 mosdos that came with hopes of snagging one of the parcels.

“I am pleasantly surprised at how well this public auction went,” says Municipal Manager Tom Henshaw. “It was amazing to see the camaraderie amongst the various schools despite the fact that they were bidding against each other.”

The successful bidders had to put down 10% of the purchase price either in cash or cashier’s check and will have 60 days to close on the property and complete the transaction.


  1. Sweet, Use that for bussing and all problems are solved :)

  2. and now we will provide services and no tax revenue.
    the 4.5 will be eaten up in no time

    1. I guess you must really love children and Torah . The goyim give free land and tax free services to their schools because they understand the need for education . We sell it for millions and you still dont fargin mosdos hatorah to be tax free like the public schools .

    2. Guess the bidding on 8 acres raised over 4 million, gee, seems strange that at the same time yesterday a sub-committee hearing on the PIA FOR LAKEWOOD,where 16,000 more people will live in the oak street area, and !!!3,600 more people. will have to find residency outside of Lakewood. Now go to Ocean County tax
      Or visit Lakewood tax assessor and find out who knew yrs ago about this land and of course we know who owns the land.
      Remember this sub-committee will make or change the 30 page report on recommendations for this area, to the state of Nj guess this is just adog and pony show! Guess who has ties on this
      Sub-committee to a biggie developer in Lakewood !

    3. Anonymous 8:47PM- Huh? Can you please repeat that in English?

  3. more cash into that black hole

    more toys for the cops and dpw

  4. Fact, the township was paying outside contractors to plow roads while DPW vehicles were sitting parked in the lot.