Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Township investigating why DPW workers failed to report to work, in weather emergency.

APP -LAKEWOOD - A “large percentage” of unionized public works employees failed to show up for work during the weekend’s snowstorm, leaving snow plows sitting idle and snowbound residents and business owners fuming about the sluggish cleanup. According to APP.com "the township manager and township attorney were conducting interviews with employees to find out what happened. "“There are some personnel issues that are going to be resolved. We’re looking to do it quickly, but obviously it has to be done properly,” Township Committeeman Meir Lichtenstein said Monday. The township had to hire private contractors to clear the streets, which could cost upward of $100,000 or more, Lichtenstein estimated according to the report. the workers in question are members of Teamsters Local 97, which has recently been involved in contract talks with the township, Lichtenstein said. Lichtenstein said that as of midday Monday plows had reached virtually all township-owned roads,

-Coles said he understands that people are disappointed with the township's response to the storm. 
However, he added, "the way the (snow) came down, even with a full complement of people we still would have had issues out there today. “I could see five or six or seven pieces of equipment sitting idly when we could have easily have had people out there doing work,” Lichtenstein said. read more at APP.com


  1. "Lichtenstein said that as of midday Monday plows had reached virtually all township-owned roads"

    This is a complete lie, as a 3 minute drive in Lakewood can attest to.
    Is plowing enough for 1 car to get by on busy thoroughfares, is that called "reaching"?
    There is a thick layer of hard packed snow even on the streets that were "reached".
    This is a disgrace!
    Don't blame anyone else for your own gross malfeasance! Mr. Lichtenstien Your time has come to resign.

  2. 50 minutes to drop my kid off on a little more that 2 mile commute. Thank you Menashe and Meir for your outstanding management of Lakewood.

  3. you guys ever hear of salt& sand...

  4. Coles: "The way the snow came down . . ."
    Does anybody know what this guy is talking about?

  5. The snow came sideways, hitting everyone with a curveball and shoving them back into their armchairs, from which their considerable collective girth had a hard time removing itself.
    That is what Coles meant.