Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The tzibbur is waking up

It's crunch time now, with the courtesy busing threatened, residents being taxed out of their homes, congestion and traffic unbearable, were we not promised that all these issues will  disappear if we vote for the vaad candidates. Why have we not heard a word from the elected officials? specifically the assemblyman who have a say in ye state government. Why the silence from Mr. Rible, Kean, Singer. The vaad scared us to the polls for the last 20 years dangling the privilege of courtesy buying that will be in jeopardy of we don't vote. Well where are they now?  The koach of the block vote belongs to the tzibbur for to long yechidim have abused it for personal interests
It's time to give back and fight on behalf of those you claim to represent. Yes it a long time but the tzibbur,  has had enough of electing the same politicians again and again with false promises. 


  1. Don't you remember vaad spokesman Rabbi Moshe Weisberg announced a busing task force to deal with all busing issues far did that go.

  2. BTW How's the massive repaving project turning out? I haven't seen one crew out yet since the mayors announcement.