Sunday, January 31, 2016

The shoresh of the problem is our growth Ka''h

The Rosh Yeshiva of woodlake Harav Uren Reich shlita spoke erev shabbos addressed the speech and issues at hand. While heaping praise on his yedid for bringing up the ramah of hachzokas haTorah vechesed, even he if he personally would not have gotten a cent for his yeshiva he is still makir tov for the hachzokas haTorah that he has recently undertaken. You can not judge a person who hears the tzaar of parents and others about not being accepted, but in the same time the RY said he feels the tzaar of the bnei torah the bnei aliyah whose way of life was publicly shamed it was unfortunately a michshol that came out. The Rosh Yeshiva said it was not the proper venue or the right message given over to a crowd of a thousand bnei torah and choshuv baalei batim. He has delved into the issue and the root cause is a result of our explosive growth. Lakewood is growing by leaps and bounds and we are just not keeping up with infrastructure there are not enough incentives to get people to open schools. Yes, it is a serious issue said the RY we must sit together and deal with the schooling problem we should form a committee and think of ways to tackle and fix the problem however the besmirching of our heiligeh youngeleit had no place and is not the main contributing factor for the lack of acceptance into schools. Elitism is something we all have just as the rich and famous will not sit together with the rifraf for no good reason. Here we have yereim ushleimim who want to do ratzon hashem and strive for a life of dikduk hamitvos and always improving. What do you want when a school only has 12 open slots and 400 applicants dont you think the school will decide what is the best product for them?  We have to be practical with what we face.


  1. Very simple solution. There needs to be a community school that is open and accepting to all children. Period. Every child is entitled to be in a school.

    The privately owned schools can gladly cater to anyone who feels that the community school is not for them. End of discussion.

  2. I heard R, Uren's drosho, & yes I am nobody to argue with him,... in my worthless opinion.
    For one SYR was sent letters which parents were forced to sign in order to get their children into schools, these letters were to the effect of mafia style restrictions that in our & our cronies corrupt real estate business, you will never bring to the forefront & public ear again.
    Some of the moisdos owners own private businesses too, & they use the schooling as fear tactics to suppress opposition to corruption.
    There are others who wish to control the way people think, but this is not limited to Lakewood, it is a machalah the whole political world suffers from, it may well be called crony capitalism. The masseeh soton of crony capitalism, has unfortunately manifested into our mosdos.
    To be quite frank I heard his moshol of the shidduch, & that mosdos do what is best for them. In Yiddish you would say do ligt der Katz bagruben. (here lies the berried cat)The mosdos are not Tzibur mosdos they are private businesses who select what is best for them.(just listen to R'Uren) What is the method of selection???
    In R'Uren's Drosho you could hear some of SYR's complaints.

    Seeing the SYR drosho is the talk of town, you will hear from all rejected parents, how right he was. I even heard from a yungerman who is a son of BTs he grew up in Lakewood, & claims he was always discriminated against because he had BT parents, to ice the cake he had a learning disability. He runs a business & works hard & ehrlich. He has no internet in his office nor on his phone, he learns every day, & davens 3 times with a minyan. He says SYR's drosho was the first that made him feel part of Klall Yisroel, he listened over & over again.
    I unfortunately have no moisad, if I ever had a shtele it wasn't my moisad, I had no dayah, I unfortunately have none of my own children. Ifeel I am not a nogeia bedovor, although I guess I have dass baal habayis.
    SYR's drosho in my opinion, although not perfect,and too long made a very strong point and was a mesiras nefesh & a kidush hashem.
    He never made a blanket statement about all Bnei Torah,Chas Veshalom. If he held that way he would never give money.

    I think we need to call another event & set up a new vaad, where people apply to the vaad for free, instead of a mafia style extorsion, paying 4 application fees, to schools who would never take their kids, but gladly take their money. In my opinion that money is chomos, & if not for the fact the school owners probably take it themselves, it would be Koach hapoel el hanifal.
    Maybe at the opening of such a moisad both R' Uren & SYR could speak, & maybe some who are unfortunately childless or who have no children or ainikalech in the system, or who don't even live in town, could run the new vaad, & parents will apply to the vaad only, not pay anything, & the Vaad will get back to them, with a choice of 2 schools, & guarantee a spot, and stop schools from opening until all are setteled.
    Yes the Vaad will make mistakes, they should have settings during the year where they rectify their mistakes ASAP.
    Just my daas Baal habayis.

  3. Everything is nice and fine. When the vaad taxes the entire tzibur and has unlimited funding torun community schools,then they will have a deah. As long as they do nothing but guve eitzis,and wait till yechidim spend money ti make schools, tyen tgey have no deah .

  4. Rich Roberts weighs in this was posted in TLS

    EXCLUSIVE: Refining Rechnitz Targeting – by Richard H. Roberts, M.D., Ph.D. -

    I have never spoken with Reb Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz, nor heard him speak, until a video of his speech last week regarding the Lakewood community vis-a-vis its school system.
    It is clear that Reb Shlomo is a tsaddik who cares about the suffering and welfare of Lakewood children and families and who uses his time, energy, thought, and money to try to rectify some of our challenges.

    The following information should enable him to more precisely identify the challenges to more effectively target his solutions.

    The rejection of some children by Lakewood schools, beyond capacity limitations, is not due to arrogance, a lack of caring, or elitism. It is due to a desire to insulate pure souls, during their developmental years, from secular values and the pervasive electronic media which pushes those secular values in tempting and seductive packaging to children who do not yet understand the world around them.

    Intel makes computer chips, and pharmaceutical companies make injectable drugs, in absolutely pure environments since introduction of contaminants during the formation process can ruin the resultant product. The more contaminants there are the greater the risk of a faulty product that is supposed to perform correctly when launched into the world.

    Many people in Lakewood accept a life of severe economic hardship to live and raise their families in a pure Torah environment. In my experience, when a group of these people will leave a school if a certain student attends it is not due to some elitist, arrogant, or callous attitude but it is to protect the success of their most important product, their children.

    During adolescence, children are developing their own identities separate from their parents and within the context of the group that surrounds them (which is a child’s society). The degree that secular values are permitted to enter that child’s society is an increased level of risk that the child’s development will be distracted or derailed from Torah values.

    Not every Orthodox Jew agrees that the level of dress, exposure to electronic media, or extracurricular activities must meet the standards of the “greasy yeshivish” community (disclaimer – I love and respect “greasy yeshivish” and I financially support such people.). But the response should not be to try to force the “more-with-it” children into greasy-yeshivish schools. The correct target for Reb Shlomo should be to sponsor a range of more-with-it schools in Lakewood so that the entire range of frum children can be accommodated.

    For example, one such boy’s school might be for those with video in the home but who want mostly Torah learning. Another such boy’s school might teach a couple of hours of Torah each day but mostly teach professions such as being a plumber, electrician, computer repair technician, and car repair expert. There would need to be a variety of girl’s schools too.

  5. Rich Roberts continued....
    On a personal note, my first child was rejected from the Lakewood elementary school, that we applied to, three weeks before the school year was scheduled to start. For two weeks, I called multiple times to the school begging them to tell me why she was rejected. No one ever picked up the phone but I left messages explaining that I was not trying to get her into the school anymore but we just wanted to know if there was something that we needed to change or if I had insulted someone to whom I needed to apologize. For those two weeks, I felt that the Lakewood community had “spit me out” as Eretz Yisroel does to treif behavior. Since my daughter was six years old, and my wife was from Bais Yaakov of Boro Park, I could only conclude that I must have damaged my child by my being a baal tsheuvah. We would need to move ASAP out of Lakewood so that my daughter could go to school. The pain, the hurt, the aching was indescribably deep and unrelenting. After two weeks of no reply from the school, we were told from friends who knew the administration that we were rejected because we had a video machine (VHS in those days) in our home which we used to play children’s videos (Uncle Moishe, Sesame Street, etc.). That day we gave our video machine to a kiruv organization. Our home became video-free. With one week left to the school year, we were accepted to another “right wing” girl’s school in Lakewood which subsequently educated all of my girls and to which I donated over $1.6MM years later when I had some financial success.

    I understand the pain of having one’s child rejected from admittance to the school system. But the solution is not to force schools to accept children who do not represent what each particular school is trying to achieve. Reb Shlomo can do a lot of good by sponsoring additional schools which are designed to accept the children and families who do not fit the current schools’ objectives. Everyone agrees that every child is precious and deserves a Torah education. Reb Shlomo has demonstrated the caring and willingness to dedicate his resources to achieving this goal. I hope that this essay will help him to refine his targeting to achieve a solution.

  6. Rich Roberts is on the mark

  7. Now lets hear from Donald Trump

    1. up next when we return.....Joe Tabak

  8. Donald Trump frum eidim and daughter are thinking of making a new school in Lakewood.

  9. Burich we would luv to hear from you perhaps a youtube video clip

  10. Scoop took down perlsteins response but puts up Roberts hmm.. shows where priorities are.

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  11. They were threatened to take Persltein down or else ....

    1. Not threatened but capitulation

  12. The yated did not cover the story either but watch the nichum avelim ads fill up this week.

  13. Mr Roberts, you are sadly mistaken. Yiddeshkeit is not a departmentalized operation. We went to very good Yeshivos with all types of boys and we learnt to appreciate and love everyone for their individual talents and not be judgmental of others.

    As i've stated in an earlier post, the real solution is that there needs to be a community school with basic standards in which every child is accepted and appreciated. There can possibly be different tracts within the same school similar to yeshiva darchei torah in far rockaway.

    There can also be privately owned schools with higher standards that are more selective.

    But the point is that it is a communal responsibility upon the entire community, on each individual and specifically on the roshe yeshiva of lakewood as leaders of this great makom torah to ensure that every single child is in a school and stays in school. It's really that simple. No child should ever be left out or made to feel that they don't belong.

    1. You ate absolutely right. But we do not have a kehila and thete is no feeling on the part of the tzibur that they have to fund our schools. In Europe there are kehilos of a few hundred families where everybody feels responsible to pay a tax to the kehila to fund schools. Here we have tens of thouands of families without anybody feeling responsible as a kehila. Yes there are yechidim who work tirelessly and spend money but its only yechidim not the kehila. And then the armchair bloggers call these yechidim the worst names and then you wonder why there are not more people paying for and making mosdos. Its not for lack of money. There are big millions in txefokoh going out of lakewood but not for local education. We have nobody to blame but ourselves .