Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Storm updates for Lakewood -newer alerts on top of post

Regular scheduled BOE busing and school today

DPW director submits resignation to Township- they accept

Traffic around town easing up the 10:00 shift now heading out

Sterling place: Rena Lane is a one way until further notice. Upon entering SP do not turn left onto Rina LN  continue going straight.

Township investigating what caused no-shows during weekend weather emergency.

Bais Faiga has school no busing

Girls schools will be open- they request that everyone try to carpool

Most probably girls school will not be open tomorrow(call your school)

Lakewood BOE: All Schools Will Be Closed Tuesday, January 26, 2016.

All Polls Will Be Open from 2pm-8pm for the Special School Election for the Referendum on Courtesy busing. Vote on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Westgate: Management office not picking up the phones, call Emergency number 1877-767-9138. Parking lots have not been plowed.

Icy road conditions on poor plowed roads.

Zichron Pinchas: There will be a 8:15 minyan shachris tomorrow Monday morning

Kanarek event live streaming  HERE

Tu Bshvat Payros tish at Roberts shul 7:15

Chateau Park:Is 1 way from Cushman thru Chateau until snow is completely cleared

Sterling place: Can everyone please call Public Works ASAP 732-363-0557

No girls school tomorrow, Lakewood Cheder, Orchos Chaim no school tomorrow Monday

No busing tomorrow= no school

Kanarek event is on there will be car pool and shuttle buses. it will also be streaming live on the frum news websites.

Bais Medrash Albert ‏Avos U'Banim 1:00 followed by pizza and raffles. Mincha 1:45

Rebbeim setting up hot lines for the kids to call in and learn on the phone

Sledding locations: Ave of the Americas near the stadium, Behind yeshiva Bais Pinchas, South lake and Hope, West gate New central entrance

Somerset Walk: Avos Ubanim today at 1:00 pm. HOT PIZZA!

Twsp: After residents complaints, working on outsourcing snow removal to private contractors as many roads were not touched.

LPD: State of Emergency still in effect. Stay off roads until further notice. 

BM Lutzk: Avos ubanim 1015 Breakfast will be served

R' Kanarek appreciation event: If it takes place will be live streamed online as well as a call in number

School cancellations: YTT, Orchos Chaim, Lakewood Cheder, Tashbar, and all other schools.

Schools open: Satmar Cheder, Cheder Bnei Torah,

Chateau: Cars were broken into Friday night, lock your cars.

LPD: State of emergency is still in effect. Please stay off the roads and stay safe.

DPW: Some snow equipment too small to handle weight and depth of snow

LPD: You can now get instant alerts Text: LAKEWOODPD to 888-777 to subscribe. 

Sterling Place: Avos Ubanim tomorrow after 8:20am shachris l'zechus Refuah Shleima Chaim Yisroel Ben Chana Tzirel (Rav Belsky)

Hearthstone: Yeshivas Hilel Hazakein tomorrow morning in shul 1030-1130. All fathers & sons welcome! Mesivta prgrm thru 1230.

Albert shul: Shachris tomorrow 7:00, 8:00 and "8:30" Mincha 1:45 and 4:50

Lakewood shuttle will NOT be having service tomorrow due to storm.

BM Ohr Gedalya: will have 9 am shachris

Sunday morning:
Roads not drivable emergency vehicles still getting stuck


  1. So the schools are closed but schnorring events will go on?

  2. Im sure the Manchester rosh yeshiva Rav Segal would be very proud to have the events streamed live on all the heiliger frum web sites that we teach our young talmidim and talmidos to have on their iphone desktops.
    The main thing is hachzakas hatorah at all costs.

  3. Mother of all ironies

  4. how in the world do all you people think the pubic works could have worked on shabbos without free coffee from bagel nosh? it was impossible.

  5. The main thing is money for the (rosh) mosdos. im ain kemach ein torah.
    Yes all the mosdos go solely according to rav segals hashkafos... as long as it doesn't affect harbatzas hatorah by the amazing rosh mosod

    1. lol. The main thing is harbatzas hatorah at all costs!

  6. Enough with the blame game every time there is a slight crises. This town is run by amatures. It is time we hired real experienced educated professionals to run this city not a bunch a fun-unzere dimwits. Make the mayor position a real
    job with a real salary that is attractive to someone capable. If it was a real paying job there would be competition for the job!!

  7. I'm so upset that the Lakewood Shuttle won't be operating. I rely so heavily on it. NOT

  8. westgate is not plowed the parking lots have not beem touched, residents stuck.

  9. westgate office ignoring phone calls not picking up. Please call middlesex management (Ph) 732.855.2990 or the energency line 18777679138

  10. bais faiga snow # says there's school tomorrow no bus

  11. Thank you HV for allowing me to not need to go to the Scoop to get news updates