Friday, January 29, 2016

Shabbos walkers should be careful, as snow still covers walkways

With the streets cleared and  snow gone the sidewalks and shoulders of the roads are still covered in snow forcing pedestrians on to the roadways. The township and homeowners are responsible to clear these walking ways. Along Route 9 and other busy roads walkers have no were to go but the busy street hoping no car drives by. Maybe the township can send out crews and clear the sidewalks so the 20,000 men and boys walking should be able to do so safely.


  1. please post
    Bais Horaah Of lakewood was once again evicted today from their building on 4th and madison. The building was built without approvals for the multiple uses that it had there. Local merchants were being hurt as frustrated shoppers were leaving the area because they were not able to park. Recently they made matters worse by adding the minyonim from the Capitol hotel.
    The bais horaah was evicted one year ago when it was discovered when they applied for a CO that they were not using it for its intended use.They were allowed to return after meeting with local merchants that allowed them to stay for three months and agreeing to purchase the next door property and create a small parking lot.
    instead of keeping their promise, they tried to pressure township committeemen and planning board members to get approvals.
    What was originally supposed to be a three month period to fix the problem has been over a year and after much deliberation, the inspection department did their job.

    No news yet where the Bais Horaah, Kollel,Simcha Hall and Capitol Minyanim will be relocating to. We will keep you posted.

  2. Wow, can't wait till he builds all those apartments by the Capitol hotel with very little parking and a strange design of huge rooms in these small apts. Strange design = more bedrooms than originally planned and our Twp. will turn a blind eye to the builders changes to the original approval