Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Referendum voted down, now what?

The big question is now what? the referendum that cost the tax payers tens of thousands of dollars was shot down by over 98% of voters. As it stands now courtesy busing is said to end on February 23rd. Anyone living outside 2.5 miles from their school will have BOE busing mandated by the state. schools located in industrial park will have district busing for most of their students. The township is setting up a contingency plan for when courtesy busing ends. But, lots can happen within the next 3 weeks. The ones who will lose out the most are the 2000 public school kids who get courtesy busing. That is 40% of the public school population, many just wont show up to school and the district can not afford that. When the referendum was announced they thought the non public's will fall for the threat and vote for it. It backfired and now they will have empty classrooms with low attendance. Chances are they will find money in the budget for courtesy busing. The Igud may hire a lawyer to get an injunction or sue the monitor and state in court which will keep buses rolling while they look for solutions.

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