Monday, January 18, 2016

Please stop insulting our intelligence

This LCSW is creating a hotline to fill a great need for storm advisories in the community "due to many Lakewood householders not having access to radio, text updates, twitter, constant Internet or social media". it will be activated only during times of crisis and updated as needed to keep those on the road safe. 

Yes the Olam in Lakewood is so primitive in 2016 its amazing how we were able to drive in inclement weather all these years. We don't know what a radio is. So during a crisis when most people will no doubt be driving on the road with their cell phones in hand calling a phone line that may or may not be updated. brilliant! 


  1. Imagine if the VAAD disbands, and the LCSW takes over in letting the Oilom know what's best for them! Wenger advised the VAAD to support D'Elia in order to get rid of Langert. He supported Loigman in the last fire election, but thankfully Mizrachi won, though it almost went to trial. The VAAD did not make an endorsement in the Fire Elections last year, but I'm sure that Wenger is pushing very strongly for them to endorse Loigman this time around. Let's see how much power they can snag for themselves while threatening all to use The Shopper to blast anyone who gets in their way.

    1. Let the vaad disband its irrelevant anyhow. Have they done anything for the busing? for taxes?

  2. I don't blame the VAAD for the bussing fiasco this time. The State Monitor reneged on the deal that was agreed to only after the November elections. That is why the VAAD hold their endorsements until the last minute, in case something like this comes up. Bob Singer can take care of this now if he wanted to. This is the one that he should fight for, before he moves out of Lakewood to Seaside Hights and has to resign his position. We should rally in front of the CHEMED building where Bob and Menashe work, until something is done!!

  3. I know that driving in this weather is difficult, but no need to be insulted or ashamed or anything like that. Why would I need the services of a Licensed Clinical Social Worker? I just don't get it.

  4. Will the mayor cut a check for this community service.

  5. The mayors seat isn't even warmed up yet with Menasha backside and he is already finding ways to use taxpayer money to pay for his friends PR machine? I was sent copies of checks and bills totalling tens of thousands of dollars from all the past LCSW safety initiatives and other phony programs. They were already published online and on Twitter. Menashe needs to really take his claws off of the taxpayers money. Although all of this is a pittance compared to the real costs that he has caused by allowing the Ponzi scheme disguised as Lakewood growth which he is personally responsible for. Nothing will be resolved, nothing will be improved, as long as Menashe and Meir are still in office.