Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Now they wake up

As usual the tzibbur is kept in the dark before an election or referendum or for that matter any important decision. Instead of  giving enough time to debate the issue to understand two sides and known whats at stake it is sprung on us with very short notice. Usually an ad goes up a few days before an election or sometimes its a phone call as close as election day itself. No back and forth no explanations or reasons given, no healthy debate just do as we say vote for so and so. This referendum on courtesy busing will be voted down why did the vaad igud wait till the last minute how are people suppose to know? is it fair to treat the tzibbur like this?


  1. You need to understand something. We are all pawns in the hands of the vaad. They decide what to vote and pass that info to us to go run and vote. They understand what we want. THATS WHAT THE VAAD THINKS!!!

    1. Well, they've been doing it successfully until now so why should they think any different? The question is not to the Vaad but to the people, when are the people going to wake up and stop listening to them?

  2. Maybe we should vote against the VAAD and vote YES?