Monday, January 25, 2016

Not a word from the Vaad on the referendum

While we are busy with the storm the referendum on courtesy busing is scheduled to take place this Tuesday  January 26th. The district wants an additional 6.2 million dollars for busing costs. A no vote means no more courtesy busing as of  February 23rd. The Vaad have so far not said a word on how to proceed or which way to vote. no flyers or ads were placed in any of the local weeklies. The referendum will most probably be voted down as there is not much support for it from the taxpayers. The seniors already vowed to vote against it as did many residents. Surprisingly the vaad just avoids the issue. Why not take a  stance this is where it counts. Do they only ask us to vote for the elected officials but than when it comes down to doing they just keep away? Not a word from the assemblyman we voted into office, why cant they do anything?