Saturday, January 9, 2016

More explosive growth expected

A report in the APP shows the Lakewood planning board approved more than 1,100 new housing units  in 2015. Seniors living in Lakewood wanted to have a say on the planning board by placing two of their members on the board. According to the report "Both men met with then-Mayor Albert Akerman in December and came away feeling confident that at least wanted to have one of them would be selected for one of the openings on the board.But at the Township Committee’s reorganization meeting Jan. 1, Republican committeeman Menashe Miller was chosen to serve as mayor this year, and he didn’t include either man among his appointments." read more at


  1. Its a major chutzpah fir t he seniorsto complain. The land where the seniors are living on was zoned 1 house per 2 acres and would have allowed 50 people to live there. The developer changed the zoning and built a thousand houses instead of 50 and created a huge amount of traffic and lodt trees etc. And now these same people who bought those houses have the chutzpah to tell people living in Lakewood for 30 years that their children shouldnt have a house near their parents ?

  2. Welcome to the corrupt town of Lakewood. There's no freedom or democracy here. If you don't listen to (fill in) you will be kicked out of town and kids in no school or kicked off of the township board.

    This is called insane and corrupt. Stick up for yourselves and make an end to the craziness. Goingon