Monday, January 25, 2016

Media complacent in talking down to the Lakewood tzibbur

First it was VIN who covered the Lakewood coffee story they never miss an opportunity to cover Lakewood in a bad light whenever there is a story that can paint us bad they are there reporting on it. Than the comments blame the entire Lakewood tzibbur for the actions of one. Than during the storm a local news outlet reported "Police commend Lakewood community for staying off the roads this evening. State of emergency still in effect." this was posted a few hours after shabbos when no one was even able to get out the plows did not even show at that point. It was apparently a dig as if to say, yes we all drive  around smack in middle of the storm so the crews cant properly plow the streets. These stereotypes are only strengthened when our media outlets keep on feeding this information.


  1. VIN was banned years ago by the vast majority of our gedolim including those on the Agudah moetzes. The Gedolim asked us not to support advertisers that advertise on VIN.
    I listen to my Gedolim. And since Agudah advertises on VIN, I dont attend or support any Agudah programs.

    1. Was thinking the same thing. Irony of epic proportions....