Monday, January 25, 2016

Many residents still stuck at home

How am I getting to work today or driving the boys? roads have still not been plowed. The freezing temps made it harder now for the snow to be cleared as it has been packed down. Some boys schools are open today although there is no transportation and not all parents can drive the kids to school. Tomorrow Tuesday the weather is set to warm up in the 40's.


  1. Forest Avenue is an official snow route, which means no cars may be parked either side while road is snow covered, & it must be ploughed & safe to drive on.
    A 6.30 this morning neither was true, & at 8.54 it was worse a sheet of ice 2 way traffic with barely one lane, people walking in the middle of the road, not moving aside for cars, & very selfish people parking with their hazard light in the middle of the road.
    If that is how a snow rote looks, why does anyone ever get it ticket for parking on a fire lane in Lakewood?
    Ho do we get the feds or state to ticket our committee men?

  2. roads in lakewood are insane. TIME FOR A RECALL