Monday, January 4, 2016

LIC winter newsletter

 The Lakewood Industrial Commission LIC published its winter news letter. No mention of the deal signed with the Blue claws leasing the stadium for only 175K a year for 40 years!!
From the Newsletter:
 "2016 promises to be another year of significant events and achievements.
We hope to open marketing activity for a new parcel of buildable land adjacent to the airport.Numerous construction projects are already in process, so we will see new influx and expansion of the existing park as well. Our airport is planning to construct
new T-hangars, which will enhance the services currently offered for resident aircraft and draw more air traffic to the business community. We already do a fairly high volume of helicopter activity and are seeking state support to build a dedicated helipad to accommodate those trips". read more HERE


  1. It's about time we abolish these commissions with bloated salaries that add nothing to the tax payer. We need some system with one elected mayor with full transparency of what goes on in tow. It's ridiculous the tax money spent on all these independent commissions LIC LDC etc..All more ways of spending our hard earned taxes.

  2. How about a list of all the Large Warehouses that are NO longer paying Taxes with the Amount that's now put on OUR shoulders

  3. These Lakewood commission people are living in their own make believe world.

  4. why cant they expand the airport runways so that 747s can land there and turn it into an international airport to searve the ocean Monmouth area which will soon have a combined population of 2 million people (much bigger than your average American city which have populations of less than 1 million people and have international airports