Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Interpeting the speech

A person hears what he wants to hear. Read this article from The times of Israel on the Rechnitz speech.
This is not just a clarion issue for Lakewood. Rechnitz has exposed the failings of Hareidi communities everywhere. But beyond this is the fact that there are now a good number of Lakewood people trying to discredit Rechnitz. As the owner of a large chain of health facilities it is inevitable that his organization is under investigation. He has not been personally implicated and there have not been any reports finalized yet. Still, for many Lakewooders Rechnitz is now persona non grata, and someone to vilify. But that cannot happen. And that is what really makes this story so important.

Remember the asaifa, the gathering to demand that the internet be banned? And, that you should only use a kosher phone not a smart phone with an internet connection? Internet connections were and in many communities remain, the work of the devil. This story is precisely why there was such an intense push to ban internet services. Rechnitz’s speech has caught on like wild fire.
It has gone viral and that is simply too threatening to certain community members. It is threatening to their power, to their religious and social base and to their rigid but unsupportable lifestyle. more HERE


  1. This is totally the fault of the dinner sponsor for putting this video online . a chutzpah of mosdos that wont touch a kid who has internet ,to go and livestream and put this all over the web . Hypocrisy at its best

  2. Is Rechnitz really so clueless ,that he supports only the Mosdos that started the elitism in Lakewood 30 years ago ?

  3. I love it. Rechnitz is the man. Stop the annual shefichas damim of chilren and teenage girls (AKA the school acceptance process).