Tuesday, January 26, 2016

How much does the BOE pay for snow removal


  1. First off can you post a an email or way to contact you .
    Second in regards to the recent snow debacle, I would like to comment that the way TLS is run is similar to Iran .
    You can criticize the weather the Public Works .. anything as long as you don't ever imply that township committee members bear responsibility. They block any comment critical of the people ultimately responsible . Whatever happened to the buck stops here .
    Imagine hiring a contractor and when the work turns out shoddy blames his workers . What a shame .

  2. I agree.
    The TLS debacle has got to to come to an end.
    Censorship has no place here.

  3. TLS is so 80's, get with it.
    Half this city's IP has been blocked because of his paranoia...