Sunday, January 24, 2016


The Mayor and committeeman apologized for township snow plowing failure watch video HERE
We have been through this again and again before the storm they issue warnings and photo ops and then when the incompetence is shown they run for the hills. The mayor and committee shirk their responsibility and blame the DPW. Its time to fire em all across the board. There should be elections for these department heads these departments are steeped in incompetence, corruption, and what not. As one of the most highest tax payers in the country its time to stand up and put an end to this runaway train. Were township services diverted for personal favors? we would like to know. Did the Mayor and committee not see all this coming, they are not new to this it is their responsibility to have competent personnel running township departments. Its unfortunate but nothing will change next storm you will see the same game play itself out again. 


  1. I didn't hear them say the buck stops here

  2. We don't need unzereh on the committer get some seniors who know what they are doing on it. It can't get any worse than it is.

  3. 6 years ago I suggested that we outsource snow removal and garbage removal for all new developments being built. I explained that the town cannot handle the extra pressure placed on our DPW to service the special needs of each development. In turn we would give a 10% discount on taxes paid by the development. Some years they would save money and some years if there was much snow removal needed they would pay a little extra but it would all even out in the end. In turn the Township would be able to focus on the main streets of the town that have been here for decades. When we have committee men such as Menasha Miller and Meir Lichtenstein bend over backwards to do favors for certain influential people in our town, the overall attitude at the DPW is that no regular work needs to be done until they are called to do specific favors for certain people. This becomes a major problem in the overall attitude of all public workers in our town. If they are told to do specific work for specific individuals they no longer feel required to do their jobs as they should be done. We all should understand that this storm was quite a challenge to deal with. But there never would have been any issue had they not allowed such rapid growth in such a short time to overwhelm our abilities to take care of the people that were already here.
    This is still only the beginning. It will only get worse as they allow more damage to be done.

    1. R' Hersheyl can you please make sure that an independent criminal investigation is conducted, if in fact lake terrace had priority?

    2. They cant even blame it on industrial park because it was Saturday.

  4. I think it's time we make a referendum imposing term limits on all elected officials. They are all there for to long & are to steeped in corruption to govern properly. Anyone ha so any ideas how we do this.

  5. Worthless.....absolutely worthless.

  6. Westgate is worse and its private. Management keeps stonewalling while the parking lots have not been plowed at all. They take thousands of dollars in high rent but cant provide a truck to clear the parking lots so residents can get out and get to work.

    1. Chaim W... was driving around with a raised plow as if you can lick the streets clean.

    2. They are breaking the terms of the lease. The tenants will win. Need to file law suit to force them to dig us out.

  7. The answer to all questions:
    Question: Why were so many streets, in so many different areas of Lakewood, not touched the whole Shabbos, not ploughed in the slightest?
    Answer: Tireless askanim.
    Question: Where were the tons of salt they claim to use in ploughing? Who has seen this salt and where was it used?
    Answer: Dedicated politicians.
    Question: Why are roads eventually being ploughed, albeit 3 inches above the blacktop?
    Answer: Where is your hakaras hatov.
    Question: Why have those roads that were gone over once in the early Shabbos morning hours, not seen a plough since, with single file cars only snarling up any drive?
    Answer: Loyal Klal workers.
    Question: Why does this happen every single year without fail and nothing is actually done about it?
    Answer: Gratitude is our first chiyuv.
    Question: Why do we pay taxes?
    Answer: zayin tuvei ha’ir
    Question: Who stood to gain from this fiasco and what is their level of involvement?
    Answer: State monitor

  8. But our street was not plowed, yet we are being asked to put our lives at risk to attend this event tonight.

  9. there has to be more accountability by the mayor


  10. If that is true then it is a epic scandal

  11. It is a chutzpa and a lack of care for the yochid on the part of meir and menashe.Time for a regime change

  12. You guys here, Hershel included, come here every day ranting a raving how we need to give these guys the boot, "regime change", investigations, yata yata, ploppel ploppel like my old bubby. Tons of helium. By now with all this gas you guys should have been over the Atlantic...
    You guys are obviously clueless. So let me break this down for you:
    1. The people who are elected in Lakewood were elected by a majority.
    2. The majority of the majority that elected them follow the Roshei yeshivas advice on who to elect.
    3. The Roshei yeshiva decide who they support based on advice that is given to them.
    4. There are primarily 4 or 5 "askunim" who advise them.
    5. The 4 or 5 "askunim" decide who to advise based on which candidate will be most beneficial for them and the mosdos that will gain the most by these candidates.
    6. If you want to know how they gain from the candidates use your imagination or ask Hershel.
    7. Amazingly and coincidentally by having the mosdos gain the "askunim" also gain. Chesed always pays. (They usually say this line when receiving the plaque at the dinner.
    8. If you want to know how they gain when the mosdos gain use your imagination.
    9. If you know who these tireless "askunim" are and ask them why they chose to advise the Roshei yeshiva to endorse these specific candidates they will tell you that they dont advise the Roshei yeshiva but rather the Roshei yeshiva/ daas torah advise them on how to choose.
    10. Now if you ask the Roshei yeshiva why they chose these specific candidates they will tell you that these reliable "askunim" advised them so.
    11. Now go to 9.
    12. Then go to 10.

    So unless any of you yappers has a way to expose these tireless askunim (Not the elected officials who are just cozy connected tools!!) for what they really are - enough that the Roshei Yeshiva will realize that they are sending this town down a very sad and difficult route(9), then either forget about fighting city hall or as they say "take a hike".

    1. Great comment. Very true. I think the time has come to start making a selfish Askan list. Let me ask a Shaila from the Bais Horaah if this would be allowed and I will see if we can... Doh!

  13. Bottom line all u Lakewood fellow ar one big goiliym klutz big talkers that's why nothing gets done. Go to sleep till next storm again mayer with. Video a bunch of nonsense u Lakewood fellow

  14. Enough with the blame game every time there is a slight crises. This town is run by amatures.
    It is time we hired real experienced educated professionals to run this city not a bunch a fun-unzere dimwits.
    Make the mayor position a real
    job with a real salary that is attractive to someone capable. If it was a real paying job there would be competition for the job!!