Sunday, January 31, 2016

Are we not allowed to walk?

Today was a very busy and active day in Lakewood. Midwinter vacation, girls off from school nice weather and thousands of families were out and about shopping, doing errands and going on mini family trips. Gourmet Glatt had a big minyan for mincha, other stores were full as well. A week after the storm, the roadways are dangerous for pedestrians to cross or even walk. Mothers pushing strollers were forced onto roadways, sidewalks at busy intersections have huge mounds of snow with nowhere safe to walk or cross. Why was nothing done? where is the township or the  state when it comes to them doing their part to clean sidewalks and provide a safe path for pedestrians?


  1. I walked to a kiddush this past Shabbas. Most of the sidewalks were not shoveled.
    The township has to do their job; but it does not exempt the homeowners from their obligation.
    There is no one that didn't shovel their snow because of the township!
    Blame the township for what it didn't do; but don't blame the township for what you didn't do.
    Be considerate to your friends and neighbors. SHOVEL YOUR SNOW!

  2. The day possible for people to shovel was Sunday, when the weather was warmer. Before than, it was all rock hard; it wasn't snow, it was glaciers of ice dumped on the sidewalks (rightfully so) by the outside contractors hired by the township because of major incompetence. So save the lecture.