Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Why no referendum on this?

Pre K is non mandated never the less it is not open or avaailable to all residents and tax payers unlike courtesy busing which is a service benefiting both public and non public school children.
Preschool Education Aid:  from the BOE budget 
PEA Instruction $942,210
Support Services   $1,143,435
Total Preschool Education Aid   $2,085,645


  1. Besides for pre school funding from the boe the district had to rent an additional 15 classrooms to for the non mandated pre K.

  2. Let's get the numbers for all the non mandated services. Expose the corruption.

  3. Your question is indeed your answer. Hamayvin yavin. The question is whos pockets have to be checked for shatnez . Dye chakkeema etc...

  4. How much funding are vaad members getting from the boe for non mandated programs run through their agencies. Is there no conflicts of interest when they claim to represent the olam and form a bussing task force. They scared us to vote for their candidates otherwise we could loose out on services like courtesy bussing.

  5. who administers the pre K ?