Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Video: in Yiddish a powerful message

As daf yomi starts maseches gittin, unfortunately lakewood has its own maseches gittin were children are forcefully separated and ripped away from their fathers in large part as a direct result of the involvement of askanim, therapist's, and incompetent yoatzim. Watch this moving video.


  1. The poop now posting for bmg after not even writing the name for years it was only referred as 7th and private way. $$$$$$$$

  2. Very emotional and touching, if only people won't be so short sided and blinded by hate and vengeful acts we as a community can prevent this phenomenon. There must be a Torah approach implemented
    that can stop this practice of separating children from parents or even teaching them how "bad" their totty is validating foreign secular concepts that have been introduced to the chinuch curriculum by professionals with no torah hashkafa.

  3. Very emotional and touching. Get rid of the therapists and bring in the Rabonim, Daas torah.

  4. Amazing clip he has amazing kochus especially if you know his story

  5. Its the power of Carlebach!!

  6. Lakewood chinuch, having a therapist speak to school principals giving chinuch advice this therapist called authorities to report on a father not to see his children. How is this allowed. Is this what we want for our children? ???

    1. Reach out to your children's principles tell them you don't want them attending this conference.

  7. I have been involved in many of these cases. "Therapists" "Askonim" and Rabbonim who blindly follow them without verifying the facts have wreaked havoc on the lives of so many innocent young children.
    Therapists and marriage counselors who have no compunctions about destroying relationships between fathers and children, therapists who do not understand what a father is are destroying our society...
    A marriage counselors role is to preserve a marriage. That is it! Nothing more, nothing less. If he cannot achieve that in a certain case he should advise the parties to move on to another therapist.
    This is the wild west, where noone needs to answer to as why they constantly destroy relationships.