Thursday, December 10, 2015

Tzedaka on the 5th night

The minhag is to give Chanukah gelt to aniyim on the fifth night. The simple reason since the 5th night never falls out on shabbos. More and more mishpachos among us are struggling financially. People can't afford the basics. In many areas and developments it's common for the gabbei tzedaka or rav to have residents knocking on the door unable to pay the monthly rent or mortgage. The high property taxes and cost of living is taking its toll on the tzibbur. We have many local tzedakos who help for shabbos, yom tov, simchas, camp etc.. But the day to day living is a struggle even in a two income household.  On this night of Chanukah think of a relative or neighbor who maybe treading water or drowning. Not always can you tell from the outside, people are embarrassed and put on a facade. Ask around and give tzedaka bderech kavod. Let's help and look after our own.


  1. Im not negating the need to help,others or the high cist if living. These are facts. But we as a society are partlt ti blame. Thungs that 10 15 years ago were considred luxuries fir gevurum are today basic needs by kollel yungerleit. 25 years ago a kollel yungerman knew he was not a baak habos and dud nit need the tyoe if house or clothes that regular baak habatim had. Today everybidy needs everything. Even the chadunah halls are for si called takonos are much fancier than regular halls used to be. New kallahs get only the best of everything and mist exoensuve sheitels. We are judt hurting ourselves wuth this ever increasing expensuve lifestyle

  2. If you don't care enough to type your comments without every word typed incorrectly, I don't care enough to read it.