Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Tax dollars at work

How much will menorahgate cost?
"For their hard-earned money, taxpayers may receive far less value for tax dollars spent on legal services in 2015 than was spent in 2014. During 2014, committeemen spent $708,953 in legal services and reserved $8,247, for a total of $717,200 for all legal services. During 2015, committeemen budgeted just $700,000. Instead of budgeting for the hire of more school crossing guards in 2015, members of the Lakewood Township Committee budgeted for the hire of a former township attorney. At the January 15 meeting of the Lakewood Township Committee, members approved the transfer of $80,000 in unexpended police salaries and wages, budgeted for the 2014 municipal year, to fund Legal Services and Costs - Other Expenses for the 2015 year" Read more HERE

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    very moving 20 minute video in yiddish