Wednesday, December 23, 2015

SNAP Benefits are Crucial for Families but Sometimes Inadequate

White-house Report SNAP (food stamps) should be strengthened
While SNAP allows families to put more food on the table, current benefit levels may be inadequate for many households. New research shows that toward the end of the month, benefits often run out, leaving many families without adequate access to nutritious food. In fact, families that receive SNAP see their caloric intake decline between 10 and 25 percent over the course of a month as their benefits are exhausted. That’s right. Families in America - even those receiving SNAP – still often run out of food at the end of the month. And when they do, the consequences are severe. New research has linked this decreased ability to put food on the table at the end of each month to high-cost consequences, including: 

Increased hospital admissions due to low blood sugar among low-income adults (a 27 percent increase between the first and last week of the month);
Increased disciplinary actions experienced by schoolchildren in SNAP households (an 11 percent increase between the first and last week of the month); and Diminished student performance on standardized tests, with performance improving only gradually again after the next month’s benefits are received. read more HERE


  1. interesting since when I am behind pple food shopping I always can tell if they will pay with food stamps or not. When there are tons of prepacked baked goods and packaged chocolates I know they are usually paying with food stamps. People that dont get these things for free are generally more careful. If they would limit food stamps to just buying real food and not also junk food, this may not be a problem.

    1. Stop looking into yenems shopping cart mind your own business.

    2. It's a taxpayers business, how about when people do their full food shopping at one of the small over priced stores, usually people who pay for their food shop for cheaper more economically.

    3. To anonymous at 9:47 i dont look in behind them in line and their putting their stuff on the counter to be paid for which is in front of my face.l

  2. The article ostensibly wants taxpayers to shell out more . . That makes it more than his biz