Friday, December 25, 2015

Refrigerator section at seasons


  1. who cares why dont you go in to the business that are from your town not out of town let the stay their u are a foll if u think thay will lower your prices

  2. It seems to me you are not being consistent with the slant of your reporting!
    It's ok for 3 to 4 out of town supermarkets to barge in here but not ok for out of town era to settle here?
    Did you invest in Gourmet Glatt, Seasons and Evergreen?
    Are you getting kickbacks from them and not the realtors ?

  3. It seems to me that for some reason your ok with Gourmet Glatt , Seasons and Evergreen bulldozing in here and your not ok with out of towners moving in here?
    Your ok with other local buisness perhaps but hopefully not losing out but your concern is housing?
    Are you receiving kickbacks from any supermarkets?
    Invested in supermarkets and not real estate ???????

    1. Do you really think someone with enough money to invest in these supermarkets (think a million or so dollars at least) would be running this blog?

  4. Someone is suffering from paranoia