Monday, December 7, 2015

Other communities light city hall menorah

BaltimoreJewishlife- Baltimore, Md - Dec. 7, 2015 - This morning at Baltimore City Hall, City Council President Bernard "C" Jack Young was joined by Rabbi Chesky Tenenbaum, Jewish Uniformed Services of Maryland to celebrate lighting of the "City Hall Menorah".
Carteret had a lighting at city hall Brick and Neighboring Howell scheduled a Menorah lighting at town hall too. Why is Lakewood different?


  1. In most towns ,the assimilated Yiden want to show they are also,part of the holiday season. We have no need for that.We do our mitzvos by ourselves. We dont need some electric menorah in town square

    1. This menorah has been there for many years the township puts it up not the residents.

    2. therefore what. no one wants it. I don't care how many years its been there for.