Friday, December 18, 2015

Not so fast

Posted on the Rt 70 Flea market FB page. Why the harsh language. 
We are aware that the Asbury Park Press and the Lakewood Scoop are "reporting" about last nights planning board meeting. Unfortunately they are leaving out all of the details. 
As it was discussed at the meeting, this developer has no legal contract on the property. The developer was not present for the meeting.
A lawyer representing the developer talked for our property AND several others that are being presented under different LLC's (In true Lakewood fashion). Plans were being presented for future development. 
This is the seventh developer over the 36 years we have been in Lakewood that has tried to push their plans for our property. No developer has gotten their plans through State and Environmental approvals. 
Now we are not stupid and we know we will not be able to stand our ground forever. But be assured that when the time comes for us to leave Lakewood (which won't be for years) we would have another site secured and go bigger and better than we ever could in Lakewood.


  1. Dear flea market owners,
    Regarding the Lakewood Scoop's "accurate reporting", please realize although you think you discovered America today, we knew about it long ago. The Scoop is far from accurate, very slanted, missing the real news, and frankly he has been loosing lots of readership due to better sources. Other sources that dont use their blog as a way to blackmail and extort with lousy reporting

  2. As "W" said after 9/11, "We will prevail."

  3. all it takes is One Satmar Chosid in Wiliamsurg to sell his 150 year old house for 2 million dollars to buy your Flea Market