Thursday, December 24, 2015

New Satmar community will be ready this coming fall

Artist rendering of Rockwell 
Mr. Gross has also been heavily involved in efforts to establish a branch of Satmar in Lakewood. Hamodia  reports “Lakewood is already used to building these types of developments, so getting approval is not a problem,” he said, adding that he hoped some units would be ready by this coming fall. 

The set of 74 townhouses near Cross Street, known as Rockwell, are built with finished basements that will provide rental income for residents to help cover mortgage payments. Askanim plan to develop a system to pair homeowners with young couples to occupy the rental apartments, also a way of feeding further growth. The location also offers the possibility of further expansion.

While Lakewood is further from the main Satmar population centers of Williamsburg and Kiryas Joel, the launch should be aided by the well-established community already in existence, offering doctors, shopping, schools, transportation, and the like. As the community grows, askanim plan to build mosdos to accommodate the kehillah.

Chaim Yaakov Reisman, a member of the “housing crisis” team, said that plans for an asifah are in the works to showcase both new communities to Williamsburg families.

“These projects are going to help a yungerman who wants to be able to own a normal house for a normal price,” he said. “We are working hard so that people should have options. Right now there is simply nowhere else to go.”


  1. Affordable on New York scale. Unaffordable for someone who lives here and plans on staying. Can someone market houses that are affordable for the current Lakewood community?

  2. Yes move to Clevaland