Thursday, December 24, 2015

Howell cops issue holiday cards instead of tickets- Lakewood should do the same

If (when) you get pulled over in Howell this holiday season for a minor infraction you wont get a ticket, 
 NJNews12- The Howell Township Police Department is trying to improve the public’s perception of police, while also spreading around some holiday cheer.
Some drivers who commit minor traffic infractions won’t be receiving tickets, but instead will be given holiday cards. The police department ordered 750 cards that say “Peace and Joy,” and will be giving them out at the officer’s discretion.

"The way the times are now we are getting a lot of negative press.  I think it's positive for us and I would say with our police department, we're very active in the community,” says Sgt. Joseph Markulik. “It definitely shines us in a positive light that way." The cards be given out for infractions like minor speeding and seatbelt and parking violations. Drivers will also be given a warning.


  1. any news on this guy who was found dead? his name is Miguel may he RIP

  2. 750 cards?? they will run out in one day!

  3. Negative press?? talk about head in the sand all they've done is issue tickets..

  4. I am pretty sure if you are from Lakewood and het pulled over, you won't be getting one of those Holiday Cards