Saturday, December 26, 2015

How can you deprive children from a parent?

Following his viral video, Ami magazine interviewed Badchan Yoeli Lebovitz about his challenging childhood where he was alienated from his father. Unfortunately, therapists and askanim get involved and advocate separating children from their parents. There are supposedly local cases where agencies and social workers actively have a hand in alienating children. In the interview he explains the gehenom he went through because he was deprived the natural relationship a child and a parent. No matter the reason you dont separate a child.


  1. Pathetic. What if the parent is abusive?

    1. Read the article. Yes even if hes "Abusive" which is a very abused word.

  2. How do you quote from Ami? They are the ones who glorify the feminist agenda at every given opportunity. Hershel Shachter is their Daas Torah. These are the ones who created the problem.
    Didn't Ami have a whole issue dedicated to the ORA goons? Now Frankfurter is trying to shed his wolfs clothing and attempt to portray himself as a sheep.
    Won't work Yitzchok!
    We're a whole lot smarter than you think.

  3. The position of the leftists and feminist, is the position of the Ami magazine. There is nothing wrong with that. Each crowd deserves it's newspaper

  4. Of a parent. From a parent connotes the parent not having the child. Of a parent means the child not having the parent.

  5. It is complete rishus to deprive children from their parents. I know firsthand of a family that was taken away from their parents by DYFS ONLY because the controlling powers in Lakewood directed them to do so. They manipulated the courts so the children should be taken away from their parents PERMANENTLY and separated from each other to grow up in different homes so that even now as adults some of the children do not even have anything to do with their siblings or parents. The whole family is suffering from this.

  6. If the parent is abusive, trying to make the kids frei, or a danger to the children than the best thing one can do for the kids is to remove them totally from that parent.

  7. These therapists and askanom don't care what the end result is and how it affects the child. They want to show their power. If you start up with them they have no boundaries even at the expence of the children.