Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Getting ready to roll


  1. when is evergreen opening?

  2. I always look forward to your updates regarding seasons and glatt garormet on the eights. please post more pics and more often! also can you please tell us your new store update schedule this way we will know when to check back here and not have to keep checking every minute.

  3. Evergreen is playing catch up big time they built their entire parking lot and landscaping in less than a week the pace of construction at Evergreen is superfast

  4. once all these new stores open including the new and expanded quality kosher in Howell. they will lobby all the Askonim and Builders and Zoning Boards and Roshei Yeshiva to bring in Thousands of New Yorkers into Lakewood from Boro Park Flatbush and Wiliamsburg and also Queens so that they will all have a large enough Customer base to cover their Massive expenses and earn some profits for their Gourmet Upscale Kosher Mega- Supermarkets

    1. It already happened. No need to lobby anyone.