Thursday, December 3, 2015

Financial disclosures
 A long article on financial disclosures  from NJnewsandviews..
According to the Office of the Lakewood Township Clerk, the township is no longer responsible for the information provided on New Jersey financial disclosure forms under changes spearheaded by the administration of Gov. Chris Christie". read more at NJ news and views


  1. A langeh megila shtusim mit lukshin

  2. If only half of this is true, it's pretty bad. I would just be interested to see if anyone ever disclosed their income from Blue claws contracts. And in the wonderful NJ tradition there is of course nondisclosure about contracts given to friends. Quid Pro Quo is the way everything gets, or doesn't get, done in Lakewood. It is hurting us all. It's not cute or shticky or an innocent fun way of making a buck.
    I just wish all the takers would get out of the way so some people can get things done.