Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Extortion is more like it.

The district referendum on courtesy bussing is  what others would call extortion! Its time to call the bluff of the courtesy busing threat. If there was a deficit as they claim how did the monitor approve a raise for the teachers if there was no money? The raise was given AFTER the budget was approved. Why are no other non mandated programs on the ballot? why only courtesy busing which they are blaming on the orthodox schools? (Its ironic that many public school students also are getting courtesy busing but its labeled as a Orthodox Jewish privilege) how about putting ALL non mandated programs on the referendum and let the tax payers decide. Let  us see the entire Lakewood School district budget line by line let us see where all the money is going?


  1. landlords need to inform their tenants that if the resolution passes they will pass the tax increase directly to the tenant. that should bring out the no vote pretty well.

  2. Time for a referendum on term limits