Tuesday, December 8, 2015

רבים ביד מעטים

Any Frum city has an infrastructure of  essential needs that are here for the tzibbur and belong to the shtut. Many frum communities have services and organizations such as  Mikvaos, Chevra kadisha, Mosdos haTorah,Mosdos hachesed such as hatzolah, bikur cholim, and many chesed organizations. In a perfect world, they are under a elected vaad haair which are appointed by the tzibbur and there is accountability and transparency in those who are appointed to run these services. Services which are  communal in nature are controlled by yechidim its the needs of a few at the expense and quality of life of the klal. Unfortunately, when yechidim control the services of the tzibbur their personal interests come first. Self appointed community liaisons with government officials is no help when the focus is only on furthering ones personal interest and advancement.
A recent example a gvir was willing to donate a large sum of money for a particular project but the yochid in control was  involved in something not to his liking. The tzibbur lost out. With out a properly elected vaad haair, the town  becomes a hefkervelt.


  1. Stop talking in riddles.

  2. Yesh Din V'Yesh Dayin - everyone ultimately pays for their Hefkairus.

  3. וטמאים ביד טהורים reffering to those who currupt yiddishkiet in the name of holier then thau.
    ורשעים ביד צדיקים reffering to...
    ! המבין יבין

  4. צדיקים ביד רשעים, ועוסקי תורתיך ביד זידים, וכו'

  5. BMG was established as a Yeshiva the rest of Lakewood is a Free for all any Shmegegi can proclaim himself an Asken and do what ever he wants no Rabbonim No Over sight No accountability No Shulchan Orach or Halacha.

    You have young 30 Year old self Proclaimed Askonim in Lakewood who don't think twice about going straight to the courts or police for any and every nonsense Messira and Arkous mean nothing to Them