Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Asleep at the wheel

The Agudah issued a statement opposing the recommendation of a state monitor to override and have veto power over a democratically elected school board in East Ramapo, NY. Other  mandated services for non public students  are on the chopping block. Lakewood currently has a state monitor yet there was no statements issued or any meetings called to stop what is being done. The vaad just tells the tzibur to vote for their candidates. Threats to busing and other services continue and the askanim are asleep at the wheel.  They should learn a thing or two from the Monsey askanim.


  1. Where was the Aguda or dov hikind when lakewood had a monitor to rule over the boe. Now they wake up.

  2. Now they are chasing after Cory Booker again what did he do for taxes or boe?