Tuesday, December 15, 2015

An old Yiddish saying

 Yiddish sayings are accurate, prophetic and spot on. One of them comes to mind with images of Santa riding on a truck giving out kosher candy. Vu e's Kristalt zach eedalt zach. Not so long ago a local cheder would end early  in order not to have the kinderlach exposed to the pre holiday parade. Now it's publicized for all to see no one cares it's all in the spirit of the holiday season.


  1. prophetic?
    are you saying they are fools or children (Bava Basra 12)?

  2. the old brooklyn mantality is over we all became Lakewoodized as in Suburban America we basically live and have a Modern outlook just with Brisker Payos and Black Hats and Bekeshes and Shtriemels

  3. Maybe now you understand the fun unzere. It might be worth getting rid of the menorah not to have to display something we dont want the kinderlach to see. You can have a legitimate disagreement with them on this issue, but they may have meant well. The tone taken by Hh was very nasty and bitter and unwarranted.