Tuesday, November 24, 2015

TR Police: Reports on North Dover Open House Incident Innaccurate

There is always two sides to a story.

“We did respond to Donna Dee Court on Sunday at 2:20 pm, but what is printed by some media outlets seems to contain inaccuracies,” the department said today.  “We were called to a different home and not the home of the residents holding an open house.  The person holding the open house did not contact the police, did not file any complaints, and did not make a police report.”

“We were called by another family on the street making allegations that the person holding the open house had approached them in an aggressive manor about parking cars in the street,” said department spokesperson Ralph Stocco. “There were some words exchanged and it is alleged that the owner of the home who had the open house was using obscene language in the presence of children.  This family did not wish to sign any complaints. read more HERE


  1. Why don't you change your name to something which reflects how decent a site you are - not the opposite

    1. Agreed. It should be called notahefkervelt

  2. actually it was the agitator who called the cops with a bogus claim against the innocent open house person. this is a terrible situation and we should all be outraged that people can do such things. They should take their hate someplace way south where it's much hotter and the global warming can be blamed for their bad behavior.