Wednesday, November 25, 2015

They waited until after the elections

The announcement and threat to courtesy busing did not come too long after the ink was still wet on the contracts that was signed with the bus companies. The monitor claimed a lack of  funding and projected savings did not materialize since bids came in at higher costs than expected. All this information was readily available as soon as the contracts were signed. However the referendum threat only came after the elections. Who are they protecting? obviously the ones that have the power in Trenton to get things done and cut out this nonsense.  The vaad, endorsed candidates who have done absolutely nothing regarding the issues with the state monitor and  the Department of education. Did they even discuss it with the voters before hand? Those in the Assembly have the power to fix and take care of business. Lakewood voted for them its time they do something about it.


  1. Nonsense. Only the Governor has the power and he has made it clear that he doesnt care.

    1. Why does the Governor not care about Lakewood why is he angry at Lakewood, Is he still upset that the vaad refused to meet with him when he first ran for Governor. Tell Christie that most of Lakewood voted for him despite the vaad.

  2. Kean, Ribble and Bob Singer could do something if they wanted too. You can blame christie but these politicians are in power long enough they have no excuse. I wonder if the Vaad even ask of them to help with the busing

  3. Excellent article, I noticed the same thing, announcement came right after the elections,. Timing is too suspicious to be a coincidence

  4. The vaad created busing task force will come to the rescue.