Monday, November 16, 2015

Outrageous home prices

A flip through the real estate section in the local papers shows a very sad reality. Lakewood is no longer affordable to purchase a home for a young couple.  Overpriced homes are advertised for potential out of town or wealthy buyers. Realtors don't shop homes to locals anymore but lure brooklynites who are willing to pay more and can afford to put down more. A home was priced at $1,500,000 or best offer. Another ad had homes asking for $799,000 with taxes at 18k a year! Insurance costs is more than the advertised sum of only $1,000. To be fair prices in Brooklyn have priced out young couples too.  For the average youngerman looking to buy after saving up for 10 years for a down payment it is still not enough. Besides the fact that even what is within reach is a duplex or town house. Jackson and other local towns are not that cheaper but it's more affordable with a stable tax rate and one can still find a single home with a nice yard.


  1. Who said you have to live in New York or New Jersey? as soon as you cross the Delaware river into Pennsylavania houses start at $125,000 with taxes less than $1,000 a year

    You can travel for 3 days from Pennsylvania until you hit California there are Millions of houses with average price $150,000

  2. A youngerman can buy a townhouse in somewhere like Westgate for 380.
    Last I checked it is not a halacha that one must live in a 1800 sq ft brand new construction home or even duplex. The standards have gone mental. The prices just followed.

  3. the problem was created by some very chooshever askoonim who care very much for the Lakewood tzibur and felt that the oilem here is tzee litvish kalt, and felt it would be best for us if they made Lakewood look like Boro Park. This way these askoonim who own (and sell) real estate here now had their properties triple in value and at the same time their naayer aaidims don't have to feel out of place in a vazetzter litvish kiolel shtut, and they can drive their shainer late model cars and own brand new duplexes before shoona reshiona is over. Azoiy also it wont be a beesha to go out of koilel learning before 3 years they promised. Now they can start with mischer almost glach.

  4. My neighbors moved to Jackson it was much cheaper and affordable but has to walk a half hour to the closest shul each way on shabbos. He drives to shul erev shabbos and stays for a shalosh seudis so it's only 4x to walk.

  5. Give Lakewood to The Chasidim there are plenty of places for Litvishe people to move they don't need to live next to their Chasideshe Rebba or Shtibel Litvaks can live anywhere in America

    So sell your Litvishe house in Lakewood for $500,000 and move to a nice suburban town 40 or 80 or 200 miles away and buy a house for $150,000 and live off the profits