Wednesday, November 18, 2015

LPD out ticketing

Submitted via comment
The LPD have set up speed traps and are also giving out tickets in many developments for parking and other minor infractions. They were in the Miller Gudz Westgate area past few days.


  1. Someone has to pay for the new hired cops. And for one of the highest paid force in NJ.

  2. As someone who lives in that area I appreciate the work the officers are doing to save lives.

    1. Until it happens to you and you get a silly ticket. The rise in crime is not because someone parked in the wrong place.

    2. I'm living in Lakewood over twenty five years. Neither me nor my wife ever got a single ticket so I don't think the LPD gives out silly tickets.

      On the other hand I saw plenty of accidents and near accidents happen because of irresponsible driving.

      People in Westgate not only park over where it says "no parking this side" they also park in front of fire hydrants and in places where it is illegal to park because it blocks peoples view of the intersection they are entering.

      Tickets for the above are not "silly tickets"