Monday, November 30, 2015

From the comment section

On the tls Facebookpage ...there's a different set of rules...

"Lakewood in general has the worst drivers not just school bus drivers but people in general and you want to talk about the most accidents and the worst town when it comes to leaving dogs and children in their vehicles on hot and cold days. Everyone should drive careful in Lakewood no matter what"

 "People drive like they have no sense in Lakewood! Kids stand on those buses in Lakewood because the parents think they can do no wrong".

"Courtesy bussing on a Sunday? No wonder this town is broke"

 "Some Jew driving crazy like they all do in lake wood .they don't even know how to stop at stop signs".


  1. So much for no LH and Shmutz on the poop

  2. It's l'toeles and maybe even a chiyuv of lo taamod al dam rayecha

  3. what a chutzpa of the poop to pretend its clean yet at the same time run a Facebook page with all these anti Semitic comments are posted

  4. It is OK to allow all points of view. But when it is based on generalizations and hate it should be refuted. Unfortunately the Lakewood Scoop does anything to get views from anyone. He would never stand for anything. I know first hand.

  5. I don't get it. Why don't you guys do yourself a favor and get your IP blocked from TLS. You will feel way better with yourself not reading that trash. I made a slight jab at him in a remark some time ago. He blocked me. Ive never been happier!