Thursday, November 19, 2015

Could have had more for taxes

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It was known that a certain committee member was going to demand millions from the Claws when they asked to renegotiate their contract. Steven Secare wrongly insisted that the committee has a conflict because they receive free tickets. An absolutely ridiculous assumption. All municipalities receive an amount of free tickets. It is in the contract. And besides they were demanding more money. So where was the conflict? The LIC did as they were told. It consists of a group of yes men placed there to do as the bidding of those that receive benefits from the Blue Claws.
There needs to be a federal investigation of Joe Finley and American Baseball. Bob Singer made sure that the stadium is tax free, even though every other industrial owned property is not. Because the lease states that the Blue claws must pay the taxes. We could be receiving over 600 thousand dollars a year in taxes alone.
We have lost millions of dollars that could have been used to beautify our town, create businesses, and recreation That benefits US! THE TAXPAYERS. REMEMBER US? Menashe sold us down the river with his buddy Bob Singer. I am sorry if I sound like a rabble rouser but it took me 20 years of watching all this corruption, before I opened my mouth. Now 6 years later I cannot believe how brazen the Same corrupt people are.
I was at the UEZ meeting when Bob Singer literally demanded that they approve 1.2 million(magic number) for new lights in the parking lot. When a member asked why they were so expensive, she was told that they are in danger of falling and they must be replaced. She was told there were "ancillary" costs that went along with the lights.. 

At the next town meeting when the committee was to approve the repairs, I showed up with a list of recalled lights from the company. The Blue Claws lights were not on the list. 
At the meeting the lights that needed to be replaced changed to the lights in the stadium. One bank of lights for 1.2 million? Where did the money go? 
A few weeks later there was an announcement that the blue claws were replacing the entire turf on the field. They were inviting people to get a piece of turf from the field as a souvenir. 
The cost of replacing the field was more than half a million dollars. The care of the field was the responsibility of Blue Claws management. UNLESS it was an "ancillary" cost of replacing the lights. 
So the Blue Claws got new grass. The stadium got new lights to replace perfectly safe lights. 
And we got offered a piece of turf.. 
Thank you Senator Singer for once again shafting us so you can retire in health and happiness. 
By the way, Singer has long ago left Lakewood. He doesn't even see what he helped create.

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