Monday, November 16, 2015

Blueclaws, a raw deal or steal of a deal?

A few months ago the Blueclaws stadium deal was renegotiated by the LIC not even the elected officials of the township committee. The new lease is locked in for 40 years at the rental price of $175,000 per year with the township having no obligations to pay for utilities or maintenance to the facility. Other events it seems the money goes to blueclaws here is the minutes of the meeting from the Lakewood industrial commission. Read the full minutes HERE Its interesting that no effort was made to negotiate a better deal for the tax payers. Why is such an important asset not negotiated through the township committee why the need for the LIC.

 Mr. Kean introduced the “Blue Claws Lease” (American Baseball Company) and reviewed  points with the commissioners explain that there were some minor changes that needed to be  made. Major League Baseball has to review every lease of every minor league, major league  team.
• The start date of the lease will be July 1, 2015.
 • First Term is a 6-year initial with many options op to 50 years
 • The Township attorney, over the past few days recorded a deed with the County saying  that the Township can’t condemn the property for 50 years. This was required as an  assurance that the Town would keep the property as a ballpark for the next 50 years.
 • $175,000 rent per year to be paid to LIC

• 30 day notice of changes to insurance policy
 • 10 day notice has to be given if we want to use the premises for something (events) - off  season
 • Attorney recommends that the presented contract be executed.
 • Resolution on the agenda is a memorialization of the action taken at the last meeting.
• This new contract brings the township’s obligations to “zero”
 o No Utilities
 o No repairs / maintenance to the facility


  1. Why even have elections if there are other committees in control of our tax money who are appointed and not elected.

  2. The elected officials appoint tge other committees.When you vote for somebody you trust him to run the twp and make appointments.

    1. These appointments are made despite of who is on the committee any comitte with power should be elected and voted by the tax payers.

  3. The twp attorney and manager have power. They are appointed by the committe. When you vote for Ptesident you are voting fir him to appoint his cabinet who has a lot of power. You dont vote seperately for secretary of defense. Same on the local level. This is the way its done all over.

  4. this deal stinks. Why was it not taken up by the township committee? something dosent smell right.

  5. why do we even need the LIC its another government agency with more salaries and spending our tax dollars.

  6. Its interesting to note how many times the members abstain from voting on issues because of conflict of interest. Many times they have a business that benefits directly from the proposed deals or legislation or they have a family member that stands to gain or employed. This should all be publicized how the hard earned tax dollars is spent behind closed doors with backroom deals.

    1. At least they didn't force them out so more housing could be built....

  7. As a comparison ,I have a 50 year old office bldg. that generates the same rent as the entire Blue Claws rent. Go figure, as our taxes grow and our ratables SHRINK! As per article above,the State is broke and no extra funds for our schools. Taxes will go up very shortly. By the way,if I was a businessman looking for Warehouse,industrial space,Lakewood would be Last. How would my Trucks,etc. get in and out in a Timely manner with all the New Car Traffic and all the young children walking the narrow streets in the Industrial Park. Goodby to our Main Ratable

  8. read the rest of the minutes that was one of the complaints from the businesses I have nicknnamed it Mosdos Park

  9. I don't have any more strength to discuss this. Simply put. We were ripped off by :
    Bob singer
    Raymond Coles.
    Mike Delia
    Menashe Miller
    And all the township lawyers involved past and present.
    We paid 24 million dollars of good development money.. Money that could have gone to build up our town, to build the stadium. We paid for everything. We received 25 thousand a year rent. We paid hundreds of thousands in maintenance costs.
    The blue claws thrived. They now net over 13 million a year and profit 9 million ±
    When negotiations were coming up I asked members of the committee to demand 3 million a year or give them the option to leave.
    Our town attorney made sure that the negotiations were given to the LIC where the commission was told what to do..
    Now we are stuck..
    What we need to do is ask for a federal investigation of all the kickbacks that our committee members receive through deals with American Baseball. We need to rip up the contract. As citizens of the town we never agreed to this sweet little deal so Joe Finley and his buddies can profit from our largesse while we struggle.

  10. How much $$$ did the Blue Claws give Bob Singer. He seems to be their main cheerleader. These donations ( or PAYoffs) should be a matter of public record as our selfless leaders sell us out for a BUCK

  11. Maybe someone can do some Forensic accounting on the $1,000,000 of OUR $$$ spent on fixing the lites at the stadium,pushed thru by yours truly Bob Singer et al

    1. No forensic accounting is needed.
      I was at the UEZ meeting when Bob Singer literally demanded that they approve 1.2 million(magic number) for new lights in the parking lot. When a member asked why they were so expensive, she was told that they are in danger of falling and they must be replaced. She was told there were "ancillary" costs that went along with the lights..

      At the next town meeting when the committee was to approve the repairs, I showed up with a list of recalled lights from the company. The Blue Claws lights were not on the list.
      At the meeting the lights that needed to be replaced changed to the lights in the stadium. One bank of lights for 1.2 million? Where did the money go?
      A few weeks later there was an announcement that the blue claws were replacing the entire turf on the field. They were inviting people to get a piece of turf from the field as a souvenir.
      The cost of replacing the field was more than half a million dollars. The care of the field was the responsibility of Blue Claws management. UNLESS it was an "ancillary" cost of replacing the lights.
      So the Blue Claws got new grass. The stadium got new lights to replace perfectly safe lights.
      And we got offered a piece of turf..
      Thank you Senator Singer for once again shafting us so you can retire in health and happiness.
      By the way, Singer has long ago left Lakewood. He doesn't even see what he helped create.

  12. Tragic that we live in a Shtetil where our VERY Arrogant leaders keep ALL of us in the Dark with a multitude of Backroom deals (as in most towns,remember,we're the Soprano State)as our Taxes Soar,Ratables shrink,and Traffic anfd Tragic accidents continue to soar. What say you Oh omnipotent Vaad and Others as you all Profit on the backs of all of us??? As one crook once said "Only the Little people pay taxes"

  13. As we all lose sleep over the Micro bugs in our lettuce the ever increasing GAIVA of our Omnipotent (or should I say Impotent) wise men Grows unabated. Have another sip of the Kool-Aid

  14. Who sits on the LIC what give them a right to negotiate such a stinking deal on behalf of the taxpayers. How much are they getting paid.

  15. Did you know that non-residents can be appointed to the various committees and commissions?
    Does anyone know which appointees are not Lakewood residents? I am not saying that this is the case with the LIC.

  16. Look at the minutes of the meetings members are constantly refusing themselves because of conflicts of interest. One members wife does the process for the LIC printing a news letter and press release. The head of lic gets a $400 monthly car payment on top of the six figure salary.