Saturday, October 31, 2015

Lakewood bus stop now at Squankum and Kennedy

Due to construction at the Capitol Hotel the Lakewood Express bus service servicing Brooklyn-Lakewood route will not stop at the Capitol at 7th and Madison. The last stop will be at the corner of Squankum and Kennedy Blvd. All Pick ups and drop offs will take place at the aforementioned location until further notice. In addition, the Lakewood express bus stops in westgate, and 14th st and case rd, and forest and 13th st, and forest and 9th st for pickup and drop offs also in addition to the Kennedy stop.

Election fever

Elections bring out passion from all sides

Friday, October 30, 2015

Pirchei Melava Malka this Motzei shabbos

Howell Planning Board unanimously approved site plan for affordable housing development.

The Howell Planning Board unanimously approved the preliminary site plan and subdivision of land for a controversial affordable housing development.

A Howell resident has also hired an attorney to fight the project if it goes forward.

The $22.5 million, 72-unit Howell Family Apartment complex is being proposed at the southeast corner of the intersection of Fort Plains and West Farms roads, just west of Route 9, by Walters Group, a Barnegat-based developer.

Admorim in lkwd

Accident New Hampshire and Chestnut

Driver of car died.  has Children transferred to local hospital.

Where are they?

They are siting at home, 9 girls caught in a power struggle are still waiting to go to high school. Today is day number 60! and the games and politics keep dragging on. Where is the public outcry! when will this saga end. 

Where is he?

Holloween this Friday night

Friday night is Halloween in case you get trick or treaters (assuming you dont have a no knock sticker) since its shabbos its preferably to live the candies outside if there's no eruv.
 The question of whether one can give out candy to people who come to the door is a different one, as there are significant reasons based on darchai shalom (the ways of peace), eva (the creation of unneeded

Today -Free Shred day!

Free Shred day for your documents that contain sensitive information Brought to you by  AMERICAN SHREDDER INC, The Lakewood chambers  of commerce and Monmouth medical center Southern campus
Friday, October 30, 2015 at 11:00 AM TO 2:00 PM
LOCATION: Monmouth Medical Center, Southern Campus, 600 River Ave., Lakewood, NJ
American Shredder Incorporated, The Lake Chamber of Commerce and Monmouth Medical Center, Southern Campus invite you to our joint “Free Shred Day” event designed to help raise awareness of Identity Protection.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Shlomo Carlebach yartzheit Lakewood Kumzits

Verrazano Bridge closure

The Verrazano bridge will be closed this Sunday, November 1st, from 7am until 3pm, due to the the NYC Marathon. Please plan an alternate route and expect significant delays. The MTA will close the upper level of the bridge beginning at 11 p.m. on Saturday night, Oct. 31, to allow for roadway preparation. At this point, the lower level will still be accessible. Closures on the lower level will begin at 7 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 1. Both levels are expected to reopen at approximately 3 p.m. on Sunday. 

Vaad ignores 12 year tax hike

The Vaad issued its endorsement for the candidates running in the upcoming local elections taking place this coming Tuesday November 3rd. Not only did they ignore the increase in property taxes over the last 12 years, they have the chutzpah to write that they are continuing to fight to keep taxes down. We did not hear one word from the incumbents this entire election season what have they been doing about anything over the last 10 years. Could they at least have the decency to face the constituents and answer up for the traffic congestion, sky rocketing taxes, busing woes, the list goes on and on. Regarding the BOE the igud joined in asking us to vote as a write in for a candidate no one knows or heard from. Not a single mention about the state monitor appointed at the BOE. The people who created the mess have the chutzpah asking for our vote having us believe it will be fixed. They cried wolf too many times.

DR. Feinberg is back!

Doctor Boruch "Bruce" Feinberg will be returning to Lakewood , he will serve as director of Maternal fetal medicine at CHEMED health center.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Lakewood playgroups set no guidelines for registration

A Doctors special relationship with the Lakewood Orthodox community

At a quick glance, a plaque at the Cooper Institute of Hormonal Disorders in Marlton looks like any ordinary—albeit decorative— diploma typically found on office walls.

Upon closer inspection, the writing is revealed to be Maimonides’ Prayer for the Physician. The beautifully hand-written certificate was presented to Institute Director Dr. Jerome Check from Cong. Zichron Yaakov of Lakewood, NJ for his role as “God’s messenger in bringing the gift of life to His children.”

A fertility specialist in a practice known for taking on difficult cases, Check has indeed answered the prayers of thousands upon thousands of couples trying to conceive. But it’s his special relationship with Rabbi Shlomo Gissinger, a renowned posek (a scholar who decides on tough questions of Halakha/Jewish law) that has made him the fertility doctor of choice of Orthodox Jews.

Speak to the mashgiach

The Regesh Network is pleased to announce that 
Harav Yehuda Jacobs  will be answering our  phone lines tonight and  every  Wednesday evening  from 8:45 - 10:00 PM We kindly request that calls be limited to 10 min to allow others an opportunity.
 Dial 732.367.7700 ext 5
Questions may also be emailed or faxed in advance to 
FAX 732.367.7702
All inquires completely anonymous and confidential

Avos Ubanim starts this week with clock change

Local elections, how about the property taxes

Coastal flooding warning

Minor tidal flooding is expected at high tide Wednesday along the Jersey Shore, according to an advisory from the National Weather Service. Rain could make the flooding worse.

The advisory is in effect from 6 a.m. to noon Wednesday. It's expected to also impact Delaware beaches and lower Delaware Bay.

High tide on the ocean and Delaware Bay will be between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. High tide on the back bays may occur up to two hours later.

PILOT program a win win

An Ordinance of the Township of Lakewood, County of Ocean, State of New Jersey, Approving the Pilot Application and Authorizing the Mayor and Township Clerk to Execute a Financial Agreement By and Between the Township Of Lakewood and Erez Holdings Urban Renewal, LLC/LTC
Consulting Services Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40A:20-1, Et Seq. for Property
Located at Block 961.01, Lot 2.06, as Shown on the Official Tax Map of the
Township of Lakewood Located in the Cedarbridge Redevelopment Plan Area.

NJ Natural Gas is cutting your heating bill

The leaves are falling and bringing the first hint of cold. You know what that means. Heating bills.

But there’s good news — a previously announced bill credit from New Jersey Natural Gas is even larger than expected.

The Wall-based utility said the average customer will save approximately 28 percent on their heating bills between Nov. 1 and Feb. 29, which translates to an overall 17 percent reduction to the average customer’s annual bill.

Daf Yomi starts Maseches Sota make a siyum on Chanuka

 Coventry- Daf yomi Shiur 630 A.m In the ezras nashim and 900 p.m Downstairs.

  Bais Mordechai -(R' Michoel Rottenberg) New nightly Daf Yomi shiur starting Mesechtas Sota at 9:30 PM by R' Heshy Safrin in the Bais Medrash

 Khal Zichron Pinchos ( Rav Zuckerman)  R' Lazer Busels daf shiur is IY'H starting mesechtes sota at 630 in the morning, join us!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Capitol closed

The Capitol hotel a Lakewood landmark is closing up. The stores have moved out and crews are preparing the building for demolition. In its place will stand a new complex with over 100 apartments. The Capitol shul has relocated to the new bais horaah building at Madison and 4th. The bus stop will also relocate to another central location once construction begins.

Carlebach Yartzheit kumzitz in Lakewood

Monday, October 26, 2015

Write in suggestion

There is a open slot on the BOE ballot with no petition filed. The one year unexpired term is only a write in as no candidate claimed it. Any suggestions? Let the fun begin.

56 days and counting

Comment posted. My neighbors child is one of the nine girls. Her mother discovered today that she has been keeping a diary. Her mother shared with my wife today's entry. This is heart wrenching.

Today is 56 days since school started here in Lakewood. It is now 56 days of me being rejected. I have no more tears to cry and I promised on Shabbos that I would try not to cry again. In the summer when I realized that this was really serious, my father told me that it was a nisayon from Hashem. When school started and my sisters went off to high school leaving me behind, my father said it was a nisayon from Hashem. When my parents saw me crying on Hoshan Rabba and asked me why.

Registration for primary 2016-2017

Reb Shmuel Binyomin Finkelstein Z"l

R' Shmuel Binyomin Finkelstein ztl was a long time hanhala member of BMG serving the yeshiva for over 50 years. He was Moser nefesh for the existence of the yeshiva. The levaya will take place this afternoon at the bais medrash hayoshon of Beth medrash Govoha in  Lakewood.  From 3:30-4:30

Elections coming up, where were they?

There have been some major crisis's and issues affecting the Tzibbur and tax paying voters recently. First was the loss, threats and games played with courtesy busing, out of control property taxes, rising crime & burglaries, State monitor, housing prices, traffic, congestion, quality of life etc.. to name a few. Not once did any official body come forward as representing and fighting for the tzibbur. There were referendums on tax hikes from the boe, not one word to the tzibbur. It was yechidim here and there who either tackled the issues or nothing was done. Come election time they wake up and will send out endorsements for their candidates. What have they done till now? are we such fools to entrust self appointed representatives who hide behind a poster telling us who to vote for? A vaad haair is usually appointed or voted on by the tzibbur it represents. Does the needs of the tzibbur even come into consideration? What have the politicians done about these issues.

Jim Keady earning votes person to person in Lakewood

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sign hung around town

So what if its free

When it comes to our physical health we dont rely on free clinics for medical care. We dont trust anyone to treat us. We search for the top doctors and frequent the best hospitals. Many of us dont stay local and travel to NYC or Philly for top notch medical care. We call referral agencies to inquire and do research repeatedly until we are satisfied and feel comfortable to be treated by a doctor or specialist.
Why is it when it comes to mental health do we not approach it with the same level  of responsibility as we do for our physical health. We trust newly trained therapists with no experience to pick the brain of a child apart. People are of the assumption, that private time spent with their child is beneficial to them. Is it worth the potential harm only because its free? why do we not check out these mental health professionals and therapists before they treat someone, just as we do with doctors even at the local level. Free community clinics are rarely used or trusted for medical health, why for mental health do we assume that all is fine as long as its free. How long will we entrust these inexperienced incompetent therapists to play with fire.

LPD seize 345 heroin wax folds

On October 24th at approximately 10pm, Officers Edgardo Vega and Michael Young observed the operator of a black BMW driving carelessly on Martin Luther King Drive.
As the Officers were trying to catch up to the vehicle, the driver failed to come to a complete stop at the intersection of Emmanuel Drive and Warren Street.

Registration for girls kindergarten and primary

Jewish Federation of Ocean County supports legal process over chabad

TOMS RIVER-After a message was posted earlier this week on the Ocean County Jewish Federation Facebook page urging its members to support the Toms River Chabad, Shore News Network learned that the individual who published that post was terminated by the organization.

Today, the Federation published a statement regarding the message and announced confidence in the zoning board of adjustment’s upcoming hearing on the matter this December.

Online public auction to sell surplus

LAKEWOOD – The Township of Lakewood holds an online public auction to sell surplus property from 9 a.m. Oct. 24 to 6 p.m. Oct. 28.

The auction will be held through USGovBid’s online auction site, The surplus property includes more than two dozen vehicles, including several Ford Crown Victorias, two dump trucks, a Jacobsen riding mower, a 500-gallon fuel storage tank and three Mad Vac riding sweepers.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Car show at Shoprite plaza Friday night

A car show for motor and sports car enthusiasts  took place in the former shoprite plaza parking lot on Friday night. Residents walking by were confused at what was going on as there was a huge crowd with music and many cars. Turns out it was a car meet for owners who like to show their cars. 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Lakewood Chaveirim Deer rescue

Lakewood Chaveirim Special Operations assisting a deer from dying after it got stuck in a gate, the members quick action by using a car jack to pry open the gate helped save the deer's life, the deer is doing fine. Lakewood NJ PD, Animal Control, as well as GCU Security assisted in the rescue.

Public Notice

Video showing for Rochel imeinu Yartzheit

                      "In times such as these: What can we do?"
Motzei shabbos at Circa 415 cedarbridge October 24th 8:30 pm suggested minimum donation $10 Women, $7 students. Presentation time: Approx 1 hour. for Women and girls only.

Hagoan R'Shaul Alter RY Gur giving a Shiur in BMG of Lakewood

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Judge Rejects Appeal of Oros Bais Yaakov High School denial in Jackson

A 22 page decision was delivered on Thursday regarding the appeal of the Jackson Township zoning board’s denial of an application by Oros Bais Yaakov to build a girls private High School in a residential zone within the township. 
The township zoning board denied the application and the applicant appealed the decision to the New Jersey state superior court.

Judge Marlene Lynch Ford today rejected the appeal.

Nice crowd at the Jersey shore challah bake

Ocean County Jewish Federation Administrator Fired Over Facebook Post Supporting Chabad

TOMS RIVER-A post on the Ocean County Jewish Federation’s Facebook page this week asking members to support the Chabad of Toms River led to the termination of the organization’s top-ranked employee.
“Please come and show your support on Thurs @ 7:30 pm at Town Hall,” the post said.

It has been learned from a source within the Jewish Ocean Federation that the author of that message has since been terminated. Executive Director Naomi Levecchia’s name still appears on the Federation’s website, but we have learned she no longer works for the organization.  Levecchia was cited as the individual who made the post.

Message from Jim Keady running for NJ assembly

If anyone reading this thread would like me to come visit your home and earn your vote, please feel free to contact me at or call me at 732.988.7322. I will share my positions with you and answer any questions you may have. If at the end of the conversation, I have earned your vote, excellent. If my positions make you want to cast your vote for another candidate, I completely understand, that is why we have elections. All I ask is that you give me an opportunity to listen to your concerns and to share my vision for how I would serve in the NJ Assembly. Peace, Jim Keady.

Meshulachim like Lakewood

Our fellow brothers from Eretz yisrael are back in town. They unfortunately have to come on to us for help they are away from their mishpachos with the burden of parnassah on their mind.  A group of meshulachim were shmoozing together at a local eatery. They were exchanging tips and strategies with each other how to maximize their collecting and fund raising. All of them agreed that in Lakewood they are making the most money if done right. Brooklyn, not even a runner up. 

You dont need the Shabbos project to invite

Even without a official Shabbos project in Lakewood, there are still individuals and mishpachos in our midst that can use a friendly invite for a shabbos meal. There are kiruv opportunities right in our own backyard. They may not look like it but there are many people and families living locally who are waiting for someone to reach out to them to acknowledge and accept them. This parsha of hachnosas orchim would be a good start.

The Jersey Shore Challah Bake tonight

                                   THE JERSEY SHORE CHALLAH BAKE

22 OCT 2015 
7:00 PM
Come join us in this amazing world wide event! You will learn to make, knead and braid beautiful, delicious Challah for your Shabbat table. Bring your mother, your daughter, your friend! Email for more information Preregistration required to attend!  Admission: $10

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Sign in TR

Not enough parking spots

(Video below) With its tall, golden-trimmed windows, landscaped front garden and wrought iron fence, 401 Madison Ave. might be the most elegant building downtown. It also happens to be operating without a certificate of occupancy, according to township zoning officials read more at

TR reschedules chabad application

The application for the Chabad Jewish Center of Toms River, 2001 Church Road, will only be heard at the Zoning Board meeting of October 22, 2015 for rescheduling purposes and change of venue. There will be no testimony heard. A new date and venue will be determined at the meeting and posted on the Toms River Township website shortly thereafter. Notice will also be published in the Asbury Park Press.

Full scale park coming to Central Glen area

The Township is looking to build a new full scale park. The Crystal lake preserve located off Glen Avenue in the Central avenue neighborhood, would become  a structured park, with baseball fields and other facilities the public can enjoy. The preserve is currently under utilized Mayor Ackerman tells the Yated. As the town keeps growing there is a need for more Baseball fields to accommodate the new leagues popping up every year. Right now said the mayor getting a permit for a baseball field has become increasingly difficult.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Toms River residents oppose Chabad school application

Toms River officials have been besieged by emails and phone calls in recent days as a groundswell of vocal opposition has surfaced for a variance request by a property owner on Church Road.

Residents nearby have been notified that Chabad Jewish School of Toms River is scheduled to appear before the township’s Zoning Board of Adjustment on Thursday evening on the application, which is a request for a variance to permit the property at 2001 Church Road to be used as a school.

Age limit to travel on Lakewood shuttle being reviewed

With a shortage of buses and still some routes not taken, officials are considering other options. One proposal is to use the Lakewood shuttle buses to supplement student ridership to schools. At issue is the  age restriction to travel unsupervised. Currently, children Ages 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult at least age 15 and up. Township officials are reviewing the age restriction. 

LIC muting minutes?

Is the Lakewood Industrial commission muting  minutes of meetings. As of this year 2015 the LIC has not posted any minutes of  the 2015 meetings on the township website. last year 2014 minutes were posted bi monthly. Has anything changed.

School registration Information for 2016-2017

Registration for the following schools ( R' Kanarek) will be from Tuesday October 20th through Wednesday December 16th

Birthday deadlines 
 Boys December 31, 2011 
Girls November, 30 ,2011

Yeshiva Bais Hatorah 732-370-7580
Yeshivas Shagas Aryeh 732-363-3340
Yeshiva Toras Aaron 732-363-9980

Bais Rivka Rochel 732-367-4855
Masores Bnos Yisroel 732-905-7680

Monday, October 19, 2015

Where is Sarah? where is Rivka? where is Rochel? where is Leah? where is miriam? where is.........

Where are they? They are sitting at home waiting to be accepted and placed in high school. The outrage continues there are now close to 10 high school girls who are still not in school.  Blame, gets passed around between Askanim and Roshei mosdos and parents. The sad fact, its two months into the school year and these girls sit home everyday waiting to go to school and join their friends. It was not so long ago when the gedolim did not let schools open until all girls were placed. Two months into the school year there are no reasons or excuses for procrastinating and kicking the can down the road. 

For askanim only

Are you an askan or considering to become one, there is a meeting tonight for the aifo Hershele campaign. A custody battle involving what appears to be an irreligious parent which will have an affect on the child. This is a pre meeting for a larger event to come. It is taking place this evening October 19th at the Bais Horaah conference room second floor at 10 pm.

Election fever

Jim Keady Democratic Candidate for the NJ Assembly in the 30th District was in Lakewood yesterday campaigning for the senior vote. On the republican side election posters for assemblyman Sean T. Kean and Republican David P. Rible were posted around Lakewood at strategic places.

Help raise last 10K for Sefer Torah leiluy Nishmas Chaim Yitzchok ben Yackov Rosenberg.

                                                                    DONATE HERE

We would like to thank everyone for their continued support.

After completing our due diligence, we have gone into contract to have the sefer torah written by a sofer named R Avrohom Veidishlofsky.

R' Avrohom resides in Beni Brack Israel and was highly recommend as being a great torah scholar who has an impeccable hand writing as well as profound knowledge in the laws of scribe writing.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

School registration

Yeshiva Orchos Chaim registration begins today October 19th

Thousands gather to celebrate chanukas habayis at Lakewood Yeshiva

Thousands came to celebrate in the  simcha of Torah as the Lakewood Yeshiva inaugurated its latest Bais Medrash the New Herzka building and Levine Bais Medrash. (for Photos click HERE  and at JDN) It started with a ribbon cutting followed by  a ceremonial building dedication and unavailing as a curtain was lowered exposing the names on the building. The Rosh hayeshiva Rav Malkiel Kotler delivred remarks on the new beautiful bais medrash and thanked the many supporters and benefactors who were partners in building the new makom Torah as well as the previous botei midrashim. Reb Shimmy Glick spoke next about the zechus the baal habatim have in building and supporting Torah as an honor for the youngeleit that learn day and night.  Mr. Refoel Herzka whom the building was dedicated in honor of his parents pointed out the mesiras nefesh of which the chavrei hakolell live by on a daily basis. He than surprised the crowd as he pledged to give a extra kolell check in his fathers honor who was always looking out to support the bnei hayeshiva. Mr. George Klein, dedicated the library in memory of his parents, commented on the growth

Minyanim at Chestnut shul

Health nuts pushing an agenda

The health nuts are here again trying to dictate to others how to live their lives. A cover story in TVOL asking if Lakewood schools are ready for an all out war against a really bad enemy. JUNK FOOD! Oy the poor kids  are eating too much nosh and chazerei. The article interviews rebbeim and  local politicians who spoke about their memories of eating the enemy when they were young. On one occasion someones tooth almost fell out when he bit into a Jellybean. What the article failed to mention is the poor kids whose parents deprive them of nosh, that go to neighbors and relatives only to fill their pockets with sweets not given to them at home. Most studies show that restricting from kids will only backfire. Ask Lakewood kinderlach what they think of first Lady Mrs. Obama for forcing them to eat whole wheat bread. Its funny that a large supermarket in town has two full aisles dedicated to nosh and candies. Live and let live why do people feel a need to impose their lifestyle on others.

Township begins discussions for new thoroughfare

Township representatives began negotiations with Woodhaven lumber on a potential deal to buy parcels of land for a future project the Yated reports. In an effort to ease traffic and congestion on rt 9, a long held proposal is to have another North South corridor from Central Avenue. A thoroughfare will run from James street to prospect street. Motorists can than take Massachusetts Avenue to rt 70. The current Woodhaven lumber complex would be an ideal place for this new project. Motorists coming from Sunset would turn right and access the newly built road with an entrance on James street running through excel park and coming out by Massachusetts avenue. Negotiations began to buy parcels of land from the lumber yard which owns land between James and Prospect street. Lakewood mayor Ackerman said its not a simple deal that can close quickly.

Chanukas HaBayis BMG Binyan Herzka

This Sunday starting at 12:15 Rav Elya Ber Wachtfogel will be speaking.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Yard sale at BlueClaws stadium

LAKEWOOD, NJ - The annual BlueClaws Yard Sale returns on Sunday, October 18th from 8 am - 2 pm and registration is now open.

The event, which is free for shoppers, brings together nearly 200 vendors selling a variety of merchandise into a filled parking lot at FirstEnergy Park. Food will be available for sale at the event.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

5 girls still not in high school

 Calls for a yom tefilla by many, after  a week into the winter session there are 5 girls sitting at home waiting to be placed in a school by the vaad. A few years ago schools were not allowed to open until all girls were placed. There are no excuses for all the feet dragging and political play while a month and a half after school began, there are 5 girls waiting to wear the high school uniform for the first time.

Weekly Shiurim begin Today at Ateres Yeshaya

Busing woes continue

There are still bus routes that have not yet been picked up by bids. Its not a funding issue but more so there are not enough drivers to fill all the missing routes. The BOE started the bidding process very late and companies already signed contracts to fill their fleet. In addition a few bus companies have pulled out of servicing the district. For those parents that are still carpooling they can receive payment in lieu of transportation from the boe. 

Recent traffic study defies logic

LAKEWOOD To seniors living in the fast-developing southwest section of town, a recent traffic study defies logic.

The study, commissioned by a local developer, concludes that a recently approved subdivision, consisting of up to 96 housing units as well as office and retail space at Cross Street and Route 9 will “not have a negative impact on surrounding intersections,” according to the document prepared by the Dolan & Dean engineering firm.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Winter zman gets underway

The famed  BMG chavrusah tumul took place today as thousands of Bochurim and Kolell members returned to their shtenders for the long zman. The walls of the  new Bais Yitzchok building will be full with sounds of Torah with opening of the new bais medrash. A Chanukas habayis will take place this Sunday October 18th in the afternoon. 

Our friendly neighbors

Howell Wake Up! Lakewoods Coming! (that message was posted)                    

Rebbetzin Esther Blima Weissman a”h

Rebbetzin Weissman was 94 She was in the first class of Rebbetzin Vichna Kaplan at Bais Yaakov in WIlliamsburg The Weismans were from the first couples in Lakewood NJ Rav Weissman was a rov in Brighton Beach Brooklyn. Children are Reb Moshe (Flatbush), Reb Nosson (Passaic), Raizy Pliskin (Israel), Chavie Levovitz, (Lakewood), Dasi Roodman (Israel), Reb Shlomo (Israel), Reb Tzvi (Lakewood), Naomi Bender (Lakewood), Tzivi Bock (Lakewood), Michel Weissman (Lakewood), and Chana Penina Weg (Lakewood).

List of boys and girls schools in Lakewood

Its registration time! list of elementary schools in Lakewood. Best to apply to 4 schools that you have a chance of getting into. Some cater to a more yeshivish crowd others are a mix some teitch in Yidish some in English. some have a higher academic curriculum, some have 10 parallel classes others are small, all are great schools, do what is best for your child. 

Lakewood Boys Schools

Bais HaTorah 732- 370-7580
Bais Reuven Kaminetz   
Cheder Bnei Torah (R' Burstyn)  732-367-5508
Even Yisroel ( R Zelinger) 645-9445/ 645-9446
Lakewood cheder
Mekor Hachinuch  732-364-8011
Masores haTorah (new- R' Nissan Schwartz)
Orchos Chaim (R' Mandelbaum)
Tashbar (R' Zions)
Toras Zev (R' Eidelman)732-901-5060
Shaggas Aryeh
Toras Aron (R' kanarek)
Toras Menachem (YOB)
Ohr Hatorah (R'Londinsky)
Ohr Yehuda (R' Bender)
Talmud Torah of Lakewood ( R' Kalmanowitz)
Talmud Torah Beis Avrohom  732-363-0040 (heimish)
Talmud Torah Ohr Elchonon
Yeshiva Derech Hatorah Jr HS grades 6-8 phone: 806-1816
Yeshiva Ketana (R' Mendel Rabinowitz) 363-0303
Yeshiva Keter Torah  phone: 961-9731(sefardi)
Yeshiva Kol Torah (R' Shwartz ) 732-905-6300
YTT R' Gelbwachs

Lakewood Girls schools
Ateres Tzipora 

Bluzhov Yartzheit Tish in Lakewood

Khal Shivtei Yisrael בלאז’וב ריבאטיטש of Brooklyn will have a Yartzheit Seuda for the previous Bluzhever Rebbe Rav Yisrael Spira Zatzal. Tonight Wednesday, second day rosh chodesh Cheshvan it will take place at B"M Chelek Levi of Serentch at the corner of County line rd and Clifton Avenue at 7:15 pm. The Lakewood Rosh yeshiva Rav Malkiel Kotler will speak divrei zikaron.

Property taxes rise to support highest-in-the-nation salaries and benefits

APP third in a series
One Toms River police captain will be paid nearly $200,000 this year. That’s almost as much as New York City Police Commissioner William J. Bratton’s $214,400 salary. Add in pension and health benefits, and the grand total hits $237,700. When two other captains with the same package are included, Toms River taxpayers will pay $713,300 for just three officers, according to the township’s business administrator. That’s just for one year. In one of 565 towns in the state.

Toms River’s violent crime rate is seven times lower than New York City’s, yet a veteran Toms River patrol officer is paid up to 60 percent more. The township of about 91,500 residents has some 255 full- and part-time police employees.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Election season begins, dont forget your tax bill

You Are Cordially Invited To A Cocktail Party To Support  The Re-Election of Meir Lichtenstein & The Election of Marta Harrison to the Lakewood Township Committee Tuesday October 13, 2015
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM at Yussi’s Grill 84 Hillside Blvd (Westgate) Lakewood, NJ
Platinum Sponsor - $5000
Gold sponsor - $3000
Silver Sponsor - $1000
Individual Tickets - $150

New Cheder wedding hall opens

The New Lakewood Cheder wedding hall the "fountain ballroom" has officially opened and  weddings are taking place there. The new hall is big and spacious. For Parking when the lot is full it is a bit of an issue since  you have to walk a bit if you park on Vasser or other side of the building. Address is 725 Vasser.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Huge crowd attends compliance Seminar

 listen to Audio- Download from dropbox HERE
A large crowd was on hand at the yeshiva ktana hall were a seminar was held by the LRRC and Ocean County prosecutor on compliance with Government programs. The event opened up with divrei pesicha by Rav Yehuda Jacobs who said over in the name of Rav Yaakov Kaminetzky a story about eligibility with programs. Following his speech, the prosecutor  gave a presentation on application fraud. He said if you commit the fraud they will come after you. People will come up with all kinds of justifications and excuses why they steal or take more than their fare share, but that is still fraud. He said in all groups you will find some who commit fraud. Many times its due to an underlying factor and need for more money, be it a home going into foreclosure, a drug addiction, sudden expenses and lifestyle changes. He alluded that the Rabbis and

Lakewood did not make the list of worst NJ towns

Toms River Among 'Worst' Towns In U.S.A. and N.J., Report Says over 100 Jersey towns  were ranked worst in the nation. Nearby towns such as Manchester, Toms River, Brick township, Manasquan, Red Bank, Dover, Long Branch all made the "prestigious" list. read more here.

Police impersonator robbed driver, Lakewood police say

A Brick man wearing a hat marked "POLICE" impersonated a police office, pulling over a car  and checking the driver's pockets, before taking $670 and fleeing, according to Lakewood police.

Michael Vence, 40, was arrested and charged with two counts of impersonating a law enforcement officer,  two counts of theft, possession of drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia, police said.

In a news release, Lakewood police described the actions that led to Vence's arrest:

Free coffee week at 7-11

Free Coffee Week at 7-11! Download the app and come in to grab a coffee on us, all week long! get a free, any-size hot coffee every day during 7-Eleven Coffee Week. Offer valid from October 12- 18. Download and register for the free 7Rewards smartphone app to get your free daily java fix at participating convenience stores. No purchase is necessary.

Rav Yehuda Jacobs to speak at LRRC/ OCPO seminar

LRRC in conjunction with the OCPO will hold a seminar tonight October 12th in Yeshiva ktana, on how to comply with rules and regulations of agencies that offer financial aid. The event will take place at the yeshiva ktana hall on 2nd street between Lexington and Monmouth starting at 8:00 pm. The mashgiach Rav Yehuda Jacobs will deliver divrei pesicha.


TAX CRISIS New Jersey’s property tax is the highest in the nation. The average family pays $8,200 a year. Tens of thousands face losing their homes in tax sales. It will only get worse. The tax increase this year will be $540 million. It is destroying the way we live. Here’s how you can fight back. Now .  TAX CRISIS

At Kol Aryeh hachnosas sefer Torah

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Ribbis Symposium

The Bais Havaad invites the Lakewood community tonight  to an important Ribbis symposium Monday evening October 12th from 8:00 pm- 10:00 pm. HaRav Yosef Fleishman from Yerushalayim will discuss the topic of  Heter Iska and Hard Money Loans. Followed by a shiur given by Harav Eliyahu Levine on the topic of peer to peer lending. It will take place at the Bais Havaad Halacha center  105 River avenue bldg B suite # 301.

Kol Aryeh hachnosas sifrei Torah schedule

Protesters call to reopen tent city

Old letter resurfaces

With some girls still not accepted to high schools this old letter was posted in local shuls calling attention to their plight.

Bike tour around Lakewood today

The Lakewood Volunteer Fire Department
Invites you to join us for our first annual
Men's Ride - Sunday, October 11th 2015
Choose from three separate routes:
8 miles, 25 miles, or 50 miles.

Columbus day tomorrow no US Mail

In observance of Columbus day, Monday October 12 the local post office will be closed. There will be no mail deliveries, however UPS and FEDEX are both open for business. Township offices will be closed as well along with other affiliated Government agencies.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Shiur on Techeiles and live demonstration of Murex trunculus

A shiur on the mitzva of  Techeiles will take place Sunday night at 8:45 pm in bais medrash Khal Chasidim in West gate 1 Brisk Lane. The shiur will be given by Rav Bentzion Halberstam shlita. A live Murex Trunculus will be on hand followed by a live demonstration of the Tcheiles dye by Rabbi Yechezkel Toporowitz.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Assessor: Only 350 Lakewood Orthodox Jewish properties are tax-exempt

APP LAKEWOOD -The total number of tax-exempt yeshivas, synagogues and other religious properties owned by the Orthodox Jewish community is in the hundreds, not the thousands, as many here seem to believe, the township’s tax assessor says.

There are “approximately 350 properties that are related to that community,” Edward Seeger said. “Maybe a little less.”

Seeger spoke Thursday at the quarterly meeting of the Senior Action Group, a grassroots coalition of representatives of eight adult communities including the Enclave, where the session was held.

Seeger was there principally to address questions about the ongoing township-wide property reassessment, which he said is on track to be completed sometime in early 2016. But most of the questions centered on whether or not the Orthodox community is paying its fair share of property taxes.

Siyum on sefer Chofetz Chaim

Siyum this Motzei shabbos Breishis in Ateres Chana hall at Bais Faiga. Seudas mitzva begins at 9:00 pm Program at 9:30. In attendance Rav Shmuel Kaminetzky Rav Elay Ber Wachtfogel, Rav Malkiel Kotler, Rav Shlomo Feivel Schustal, Rav Dovid Schustal, Rav Yerucham Olshin, Rav Yisrael Neuman, and other rabbonim. Shloimy Daskal and the zemiros choir will provide the music.

Tent city vigil to take place at red Square

Despite being denied a permit from the township former tent city advocates are planning to hold a vigil on world homeless day  at the town square. They want the township to allow the homeless back in the woods. The event will proceed as scheduled on October 10th at 5 pm.  Organizers said people will be able to leave when police give warning. 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Lakewood Chaverim by the numbers

Wow! 144 Calls responded to yesterday.
•91 Boosts
•34 Flats
Thanks to all dedicated members that helped cover the calls on Isru Chag.


What about the klal of  אין בית דין מבטל דברי בית דין חברו
 Dear friend, Our shuls have become a primary source of advertisement.  
Even halachic material is being distributed in our shuls as a means of advertisement. I call them "halachamercials".

Please be advised that all "halachamercials" cannot be relied on to render a halachic decision. 

A recent example was a flyer from the Chicago Kollel that was disseminated in all Lakewood Shuls in honor of Succos (see photo above). It stated falsely that the Rema in shulchan orach permits esrogim containing black dots. There is no such Rema. It is common knowledge that black dots on an esrog can make it posul.

Its not a sukkah

This week Lakewood EMS received a 10 X 12 Inflatable Tent from a Grant. This tent is designed to be used for fire rehabilitation, and for field medical treatment at a mass casualty incident, or event. This can also be used as a incident command area. This tent will be assigned to the EMS departments Mass casualty Unit. 

Attempted abduction scare

LPD  was on scene by Arlington and Lincoln after a 6 year old child claimed a white male in his 60's  attempted  an Abduction  the man fled in a silver sedan.

Registration begins for Primary for 2016-2017

Yes its sounds ridiculous, but registration has already begun for many primary age boys and Girls schools for the school year 2016-2017. Its sad that there are still girls waiting to get into high school for last years registration.

Outrage! Winter school session starts girls still not in high school

Forget all the fanfare and pats on the back, there is still a number of girls sitting at home waiting to be accepted or be placed in a school. The new school 9th grade class fell apart. Askanim were hoping to push and dump everyone in there but students refused to go it was not practical. They now have to place those girls in other schools. There is no reason for the feet dragging going on here. If they want to it can be done.  

Bobov 45 to open Bais Medrash in Lakewood

 Following the visit of the bobov 45 Rebbe to Lakewood, it was announced a Bais Medrash will open up in Lakewood after Sukkos. Chasidim and followers of the rebbe are currently working on a time and place to bring it to a reality.

Why not in Yiddish

Lakewood Township fall recreational schedule will host free lessons.

72 unit affordable housing project coming to Howell asking for PILOT

Howell Council presented an ordinance at the 10-5-15 council meeting to rezone a portion of Block 135 Lot 26 (West Farms Road & Rt. 9) from HD1 to RMLD-2 in order to approve a 72 unit affordable housing project. The property owners are asking for PILOTs, or payments in lieu of taxes (8% of income rental over the next 30 years). The voluntary payments are made to local governments by nonprofit organizations, which use local services, like fire protection and roads, but are exempt from paying property taxes because they perform charitable work. The council believes this is good as all money goes directly to the town instead of sharing tax money with other entities like the county etc. and it also gives them double COAH points. Council gave first approval of the PILOT at the September 21st meeting. Residents took to Facebook, hinting they dont want Howell to become another Lakewood.

Public session for nonpublic school administrators to secure funding for security services, equipment, and technology

Assemblymen Sean T. Kean (District 30) will hold a local public session on Thursday, October 8 at 2:00 p.m. at his Lakewood legislative office, 1771 Madison Avenue, Suite 202, Lakewood, to provide information and guidelines that will help nonpublic school administrators secure funding for security services, equipment, and technology to ensure a safe and secure school environment for nonpublic school children, elementary through grade 12.

Chasuna season

Musicians being mesameach at a Chasunah in Lakewood last night. Many more simchas taking place Iyh, as new Lakewood cheder hall get ready to host weddings.