Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Standing in the rain and expect not to get wet

The following was posted on tls Face book page. Posting about the community to the masses will automatically elicit anti Semitic responses. You cant expect otherwise. About we Focus on Prayers, Not Skin Color.
About 24 hours ago, Lakewood was again hit with tragedy, when a mother and her two children were struck by a vehicle, leaving the children fighting for their lives.
Yet, just minutes after we broke the story, the haters came out in droves with their hatred - immediately taking out their anger against "those Jews." I won't even begin to post the despicable anti-human comments some posted on some social media platforms - which unfortunately does not give us the option to pre-screen the hatred-filled comments.
But in fact, those haters were partially right. It was the Jews again.

No, contrary to what you "assumed," there were no Jews involved in this accident, but rather there were about 20 Jews on scene within minutes - to help save the lives of those poor victims lying unresponsive in middle of the road.
In fact, the First Responders, yes, Jews from Lakewood, and volunteer EMS members, were at the scene approximately 30 seconds after the accident occurred. No, they didn't speed across town "in their minivans," there are just that many Jewish volunteers in this town ready and able to assist anyone at a moments notice.
Those volunteers, yes Jews, saved those poor children's lives. Did it matter to those Jews that the skin color of the victims didn't match theirs? Did it matter to them that they're of a different faith? That's right - no.
But yet, some find it their mission to immediately attack, no matter if their fictitious story checks out, because after all, facts aren't relevant and don't properly portray my views.
Do Jews get into accidents? Yes. Do Christians get into accidents? Do white-colored people get into accidents? Yes. Do black-colored people get into accidents? You guessed it again.
Nobody is perfect. Period.
It's about time we stop focusing on what color or race the involved parties are - whether in this incident or others - and instead use the time to put in an extra prayer for the victims.
May the victims have a speedy recovery.


  1. The poop no longer only reports on frum news pertaining to the Lakewood Orthodox Jewish community. It has an active Facebook page where news items that can not be placed on the website for tznius and other reasons gets posted there. It has a non Jewish following too and they post news with no interest to the Lakewood community. The more hits and visits to the website translates in more money from advertisers, yet for the frum business owner his target audience is only the frum community. More visitors will not change the bottom line.

  2. Did u see the poops angry letter to the boe superintendent. Chutzpah of her to ignore a media outlet such as TLS! tls is upset that they blocked their IP from other teachers. Isnt that exactly what some alledge was done to them for posting critical comments on the poop.

  3. Yep the poop is not a legitimate news sources it's equivalent to Fars News Agengy. I agree with this post, color, race should not play a role in how a story is portrayed or how we view one another and when I asked that on the poop my IP was blocked