Monday, September 7, 2015

Report: Consultant blames leaders of orthodox schools for busing woes

As if the BOE has nothing to do with it  The district's bus consultant, Gus Kakavas, blamed the problem on the leaders of the township's Orthodox Jewish private religious schools, who he said dragged their feet about negotiating a courtesy busing deal. 
From the APP - The protracted negotiations, however, delayed the bidding process by several weeks, giving the district little turnaround time to accommodate children on routes that didn’t attract bids, the district's busing consultant, Kakavas said in a statement issued late Thursday night.
"The problems we are having (now) are directly and absolutely the result of the extreme, if not impossible, time constraints that were created by the lack of early participation of the nonpublic schools and the extremely late date of the final (schedule change) decision," Kakavas said.

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  1. You make it sound as if this is not true, when in fact this is exactly what happened. Why are you criticizing the BOE on this one point? If you want to find fault on other issues, fine, but not this one.

    The only fault with the BOE was that they allowed the negotiations to go on for so long, would it not have been allowed, the yeshivas would have had to make a decision sooner and this whole fiasco would have been averted.

    So on this one point, the BOE is 100% correct. They are laying the blame exactly where it should be.