Thursday, September 24, 2015

LRRC joining up with the OC Prosecutor office

 LRRC in conjunction with the OCPO will hold a seminar on October 12th in Yeshiva ktana, on how to comply with rules and regulations of agencies that offer financial aid. The community will be educated about the guidelines of government financial programs. Apparently there was some misunderstanding and confusion that necessitated this Seminar. Hopefully this will clear things up, thus avoiding unnecessary unfortunate outcomes. 


  1. Its unbelievable how you always find fault with anybody that tries to help the rabim. There is obviously a reason why it is being done in this fashion. Not everything is for pirsum lerabim. Its like most things thse that know dont talk and those that talj dont know.

    1. everyone knows why this is happening, however they have been targeting the olam in spite of these seminars. On the contrary by bringing them closer you are giving them more of a shlita on the olam.

  2. They could target 10 times as many people r"l if they wanted to. If they are convinced that the olam is just shoggegim michoser yedia and they see the olam changing because of these seminars then they might not go with the full koach and just leave it at a few korbonos.

  3. This seminar will set a precedent that anyone who the authorities feel did not comply after this meeting will be held accountable.

  4. If LRRC pushed people to get on these program why did they not let them know all the rules at the time they were signed up.